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June 25th, 2004, 04:23 PM

Next Exercise (http://www.sffworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8141&page=2)

Nice story. I'm curious who the chauffeur is. And what exactly the remnants of her meal were or her exact eating method. Is she just a vampire? or something else. I like it.

Thanx. I'm curious as well (although she's definitely a more messy eater than your avarage vampire).

Perhaps it's time a new story showed up in the Collaborative forums.

Good idea, Maus. Here we go:


Cleaning the limousine afterwards was an unpleasant task. As always, Mylady had thrown out the remains herself, but there was plenty left. Despite his queasiness Marcus did not wince as he went to work.

Mylady lay on the bonnet staring at the starry sky. "It's not right," she mused.


"I should have let him go," she said.

"Mylady needs to refuel herself, just as we need to refuel this... vessel."

Mylady sighed. Jumping off the bonnet, she took a few steps then watched her chauffeur at work. "Don't you find cleaning up after me disgusting? You don't even flinch..."

"Mylady knows, I am doing my job." And he did.

Half an hour later the limousine was on the Road again.

"It's not fair. He's seen the world. He's seen the sea. The sea, Marcus." Mylady pushed into black leather. It smelled of lemons. The chauffeur did not reply. "I've seen a lot, too. I've been around the world many times... and yet, I've never seen the sea."

"Unfortunately, Mylady is confined to this vessel, and the Road goes underground miles before it reaches the sea," the chauffeur said in an even voice.

"I know," Mylady complained. "Do you have to remind me?" She sighed, then changed the topic: "Why do you have to wear those sunglasses. It's night, isn't it?"

"Mylady knows they are part of the uniform."

"Uniform..." she repeated. Then she leant forward, placing her chin on the headrest before her. "Why are you so cruel. You've been working for me for 15 years now. You don't complain about what I am. You don't even ask to leave while I... I mean don't the screams bother you? Or the eating noises? Hell, talk to me, Marcus. Why don't you?"

"Mylady may forgive me, but I am only the chauffeur."

With a deep sigh Mylady pushed off the front seat, bumping into the black leather of the back seat so hard that she bounced. "You're all I've got," she mumbled as she swung her legs onto the backseat.

The headlights cut through the night, but there was nothing to see. After a while, Marcus glanced up at the rear-view mirror. Mylady lay curled up on the back seat, her eyes closed. Why are you so cruel? You're all I've got. Marcus's face remained expressionless, but his eyes glittered. Behind his sunglasses, they glittered.