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July 18th, 2004, 08:38 PM
I Hate the sci-fi channel on cable. Here a solution...Pay Sci-Fi Network controlled by the subscribers. It could be done (with the right funding).

My post on IMDB

Network consists of 3 to 5 channels

Channel 1= Full length uncut movies- like pay movie channels but with fewer repeats (can you say TiVo) Classic night, new release night, cult night....

Channel 2= dedicated to sci-fi TV series- uncut blocks of 5 one-hour/10 half hour shows, miniseries, specials(the day after)

Channel 3= DvD explorer with narration and weblinks, Movie series back/back,

Channel 4= Sci-fi propaganda television */* Reviews, commercials, director talk shows, featured authors talkshows, website review show, the cutting room floor, Greatest movie mistakes show, Concept movie designs, upcommin movie explorer, Credits explorer show....

Channel 5= Hard sci-fi , soft sci-fi , candy sci-fi, sci-fi parody zone.

ABSOLUTELY NO INFOMERCIALS! (unless someone is selling a flux capacitor or star drive or something like that) {it would go on channel 4 anyway)

I'd pay a special premium for such a package.
let's put sci-fi channel in the archives and get some real sci-fi on the toob!

Channel One:
First show? {The network premier- what movie best says "SCIENCE FICTION"}
Forbidden Planet?

Network Spokesperson? [Who makes you think "SCIENCE FICTION"]

Network Logo? (Sorry but I'm not a graphics artist anymore)
Idea: Supergiant(bright) implosion(colorful) to a blackhole that fades the screen to black and starts the movie/sound of low decible sustained explosion in reverse.
Graphic Idea: Static colorful wormhole (black in center with yellow flame network title inside)

Network Mascot? This IS Sci-fi (real world creature with sci-fi features)
Rhino Beetle?

Channel One Content: Original/Remake <back2back>
The Thing/John Carpenters The Thing
The Blob/The Blob
Are you as insulted as I by the thing called the sci-fi channel?

Channel Two Premier: {The Sci-Fi definnative Television Show}
Werewolf the series?
Voyage to the bottom of the SEA?

First miniseries:
VEE the final battle?
King's The Stand?

First Special:
The day after?
War of the worlds?

Channel Two Graphic:
Buckyballs and carbon nanotubes with chrome assemblers
83 channel spin stops on network graphic
Pressing network graphic button creates Random TV setting for button pusher
Nanites form network graphic and disolve


Just think how many people now think the sci-fi channel represents SCIENCE FICTION

Channel Three

Channel Four- commercial paid free cable
Sorta kinda set up like techTV/g4. Network made shows where WE control the content.
Teaching SCIENCE FICTION to the masses.

Only science and science fiction related commercials. Strict guidelines about content, frequency of showing(max 1 per 1 hour, max of 3 hours then 6 hour break)
run duration time limits(expires in 1 week){new content required after run duration expires} Archival regeneration, Commercial-viewer voteoff at channel website (insultingly stupid commercials voted off channel by the registered viewers), High cost spots to promote high quality commercials
Promotional graphic overlays on the commercials only
Advertisement graphic overlays on commercials
6 hour programming schedule transparent ticker during commercials
max 2 30 sec spots per half hour on the half hour and the hour
DirectorTalk & AuthorTalk shows
posthumas profile exploration

NewMovie & NewShow Review Shows
Critics views
tidbits of production

WebSite Reviewer Show
1 to 5 sites reviewed per show
Check back on previously reviewed sites
popularity polls
SiteBuilding tips

CuttingRoom Floor Show
Deleted scenes
alternate endings
random cut
polls/votes- best, worst, funniest, most obscure....

MovieMistakes Show
props in frame
bad astronomy
bad physics
bad science
viewer submits- rated...maybe prizes, awards, appearances

Concept Movies
Talk about movies in development turmoil
proposed movies on record
viewer submission- ideas, concepts, requests
Viewer submission polls
Writing sci-fi tips

UpcommingMovie Show
progress on movies in production
funding challenges
production challenges
Speculation Discussions by phone/webcam

CreditsExplorer show
In the life of...
Foley artist
Take new release dvd/video and findout about the credits-in depth

SOL3 The state of Sci-fi on planet Earth
Imagine a sci-fi network set up like discovery network but controlled by the subscribers through phone and web polls.,Sub-Network...Fantasy

July 18th, 2004, 08:41 PM
Using the channel and subject listings I am looking for possible input.
Lets build this thing
Maybe someone important will notice and say "hey, Now thats an idea worth doing!"

July 18th, 2004, 08:50 PM
Literature Explorer show
Authors view/interview
Sub-Genre Related
Official position on possible movies( Author specifies what constitutes their creation and how Hollyrock is allowed to mutilate it...For the record)
Headliner publisher

July 18th, 2004, 09:02 PM
Narration of specific DvDs by the DvD promoter
Website/Promotor sponsored Coupons on the purchase of the spotlighted DvD available to the subscriber for D/L.
Trivia related to the featured DvD.
Promoter Spotlight segment dedicated to promoting DvD sales using network website and subscribers coupons
The voice of Segment that allows critics on-air time about the featured DvD

Complete uncut Nitemare Elmstreet Series-capped with DvD features Exploration
Similar Alien
Similar Back to the Future
Similar */*

Call them marathons, blocks or whatever.
Big blocks of large series should be aired over winter holidays and such,
Use website polls to create the playlists and airing dates.

Remember: Subscriber controlled network...

July 18th, 2004, 09:07 PM
Since it would be a network designed by the subscriber One person isn't law. I want to know where you would go with this *in case i win the lottery or something*

Colonel Worf
July 18th, 2004, 10:10 PM
Ehh... wouldn't this all have fit in one post? :p

July 18th, 2004, 10:17 PM
Sure if thats how i thought about it

Colonel Worf
July 18th, 2004, 10:32 PM
Just a friendly reminder... use the edit feature. Some people tend to get ticked off about multiple posts... :)

July 18th, 2004, 10:43 PM
I guess this forum is too picky.
I don't care how many posts there are.
My brain doesn't work that way
when I think of something I post it. If that bothers them they don't have enough things in their life.

PS: I will heed your advice. Wont that edited expansion create a problem in the quantum dispersion of the bandwidth factor? Could create a scenerio where a holyman would thro his arms up in disgust and forsake the ever proven path of enlightenment called the web post boards.
Dogs would take up farming and worms would get attitudes! That big ball of fire in the sky would explode and rain goo on us forever?
Seventy-four chipmunks would forsake their nuts for a plasma cannon!
One monkey don't stop no show!
Perhaps it's just too dam hot in here.
Have a cockroach popsicle!