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July 21st, 2004, 10:12 AM
Having been on a tremendous kick lately (and getting loads of feedback from my IRL readers), I decided to do a good deed for the day. Soooo.

I like to think I give pretty good feedback. Accentuate both the positive and the negative, etc. Compliments of my position at work, I have oodles of free time which I generally spend either writing or surfing, so I figured I'd extend an open offer to anyone that wants to have something critiqued (publicly or privately).

By something I mean:

-Flash Fiction
-Short Story
-A second from a longer work.

If the third choice, it doesn't have to be the beginning (though I might get a bit lost, I can still comment on mood and prose).

The reason I'm posting this advertisement is an incident I had last night in on online game I play. I was exchanging private messages with a friend who also writes, and I realized that a lot of people are afraid to just dump their manuscript on a forum and say, "please read this and tell me what you think".

Ergo, if you PM me with a description of what you've got, I'll be happy to keep all correspondance private. Or you can just post a link here.

I have only one rule. Spelling, punctuation and some form of readability. If the mechanics of reading the piece (ie, mispellings, no capitalization, orange text on a purple background, etc.) require effort, I'm probably not going to make it.

/shrug. Here's my attempt at good karma for the day.

Also note that if for some reason I get deluged, I'm not guaranteeing promptness (nor that I get to everyone. Circumstances change).

Pax Noctis
Original Fiction, Fantasy and Sci-Fi