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August 2nd, 2004, 10:17 AM
Lets have a bit of healthy speculation about the bad guys for the next few Spiderman films.
I have a few ideas on how it could go...

Spiderman 3 – Going the same way as the cartoon series, this film will see JR pilot son go into Space and come back with the Venom symbiote. Because Peter Parker “stole” Mary Jane from him that will give him the reason to hate Parker and for Spiderman to get involved. I know Raimi has said he doesn’t like the Venom character but.... Plus I love to see how they did the Venom effects – could look pretty cool. The film would also have more development of Dr Connors and on Harry’s Osborne’s struggle with the Green Goblin.

Spiderman 4 –Return of the Green Goblin! Clearly going to happen in either Spiderman 3. More development of Dr Connors, perhaps see him turn into the Lizard at some point in the film.

Spiderman 5 – The Lizard!

Spiderman 6 – Venom infects serial killer Kassidy with symbiote and all hell breaks lose!

I know I getting a little bit carried away... again this is total speculation about how I would like to see the films develop. Any suggestions?

August 2nd, 2004, 03:09 PM
The recurrence of Doc Conners in both films (albeit only a passing mention in the first) would seem to suggest an outing for the Lizard. It was mooted that he would appear in 2 though as a guest villain but it was decided not to over-egg the plot strands. Personally I wonder whether the Lizard is an involved enough character to work in the film. In both movies now we've seen scientist mentors of Peter's become psycopathic killers, do we really need another?

Venom has been setup in two ways. Reference was made to an Eddie (presumably Brock) in the first film. Now we have John Jameson, an astronaut all in place to bring the symbiote back. Moreover there's no doubt that Venom would be extremely cool on screen - anyone seen the Spawn movie? The trouble with Venom is the symbiote develops Spiderman-esque power and styles from having bonded with Peter. There wouldn't be enough time to give proper coverage to the black Spiderman AND develop Jameson or Brock as Venom in one film. Still, maybe 3 will see Peter take on the symbiote, this would throw loops into his relationship with MJ. The prolixity of development though all but gaurantees that Carnage won't be appearing.

Obviously Harry will, at some stage, be following in the footsteps of his father. I think 3 would be too soon for another re-appearance of the Goblin, although goodness knows what Harry's going to be up to during 3 if not donning the battle-armour. I did hear a rumour that Harry will be taking on the mantle of the Hobgoblin when the change comes, but even with that minor difference I think it's still too soon.

All of this means that the way may be cleared for someone less expected to enter the fray; afterall the first film made no mention of Octavius. Can't think who though Rhino, Shocker and Electro are all too ill-defined. Perhaps Kraven, Mysterio or Vulture.

August 2nd, 2004, 11:00 PM
I hope Doc Ock makes a return some time in some way. He was a charismatic villain who helped make the movie what it was.

August 3rd, 2004, 11:40 AM
I see what you mean with the whole Venom things... it a good point I totally over looked! Maybe they could have him being infected with the symbiote within Spiderman 3 and then dealing with that in that film while he faces off to some other bad guy.

I agree 3 is to soon to re-introduce the Green Goblin, plus I like to see Harry going crazy! As for the Hobgoblin, not a massive Spiderman comic book reader, but from what I remember ain't he like a real demon or something? I don't know if they'd go that way - so far everything has been science based and the introduction of the spiritual might seem a little silly.

Other bad guys I like to see... Sandman - just to see what the effect would look like, Kraven could be quite cool - but again don't he use some mystical potion to increase his strength and stuff? Vulture... don't know enough about him - seems a little lame of a bad guy. Didn't he die of cancer or something? Then was replaced with a younger version?

August 4th, 2004, 07:03 PM
You're right Shehzad, Doc Ock sealed the deal on that movie. That actor they got too, man he was just the perfect balance of average joe looking I think. You know, just the right amount of not good looking lol.

August 5th, 2004, 06:50 AM
Rather than Venom, I would like to see the focus on Peter's relationship with the Alien Symbiote, and perhaps at the end of the movie leave an ending where Brock finds it and becomes Venom for SM4.

Obviously there will have to be a token bad guy that spidey can take on wearing the black costume. In the comic book I liked how the costume would slide across the floor and take Peter out on adventures whilst he slept, that could be done really well in a movie with creepy effects. The focus of the movie would be on how Peter's mood and character is influenced by the alien and how he ultimately rejects it, and goes through the come down almost like an addiction.

I would love to see a CGI Rhino on the big screen, that would be awesome, and as the Rhino can't get his costume off and has a love hate relationship with it, the similarities could be intersting in the movie. A nice twist would be that Peter knows he needs the abilities afforded by the symbiote to defeat the Rhino but at the same time he wants to get rid of the costume.

The secret wars and how he got the costume were/are such a massive plotline in the comics, it would be a shame to see it skipped to get straight to Venom. Seeing spidey doing 'bad' stuff in the black suit would be great for development of the character and of course will create tension with MJ. Jameson and Goblin Jnr would also be delighted at seeing spidey get negative PR.

Just think of the juicy cross-over potential, Spiderman Vs Wolverine, Spiderman Vs Hulk!!! Mouth watering stuff, loved by the fans.

August 15th, 2004, 06:04 PM
I agree that Peter's relationship with the Venom symbiote would make for an excellent movie. Dark and psychological, and yes Juzza I had forgotten about the "sleep-walking" bits in the cartoon but that's an excellent idea. But I still doubt it will happen, it was only 2 movies ago that Peter became Spiderman, having another change to his powers so soon may not seem too attractive to movie execs (nor I suspect will changing the branding for the film).

As to who the villain for 3 could be it just occurred to me that the Scorpion could be a contender. Jameson's hatred of Spidey is now well established in the film and in my view JK Simmons deserves some more screen-time seeing as he actually IS Jolly JJ.

Wulfa: No the Hobgoblin was not a demon but a man (well technically several - at least 3 - but most famously Jason Macendale). You'll be thinking of the Demo-Goblin who was an evil spirit of some sort. Goblins, goblins everywhere...

As to the Vulture that is an interesting possibility. He was afterall the villain of the second Spiderman comic and a rather popular one at that. Sweeping aerial battles above the streets of NY would be stunning. And no the Vulture was not replaced by a younger version as such. Adrian Toomes was an old man when he began his career as a supervillain and later on developed cancer (because of the electro-magnetic field which operated his flying device). However, he later stole rejuvenator gauntlets which allowed him to absorb the life force of other people and thereby restored his own youth. As far as the film version goes they could play with continuity, as they have done a few times already and have Toomes introduced as a young man. Personally though I would rather he were left old since this leaves plenty of room for wisecracks about beating up on senior citizens.

August 17th, 2004, 10:07 AM
thanks for clearing those bits up Darknel! As I said I'm not a regular Spiderman comic book reader and so only have bits of information on the characters from the odd times that I'd buy a Spidy comic.