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October 28th, 2001, 07:39 PM
I went to see a screening for the film monsters inc. yesterday, and came across a nice surprise. My friend, whose the manager of the theater, was very tight lipped about it, but there was a trailer of episode 2 on the film.

And I must say, if the trailer is anything to go by, episode 2 looks like it's going to be very good. It was rather short, but it was certainly sweet. And it had 2 really uplifting points. 1-jar jar was nowhere to be seen. 2-Bobafett was in it(for a brief second.....but an awesome second nonetheless). And above all, the trailer got me excited to see the movie.

On a side note, monsters inc. was fantastic. I really like pixar's films, and I think I'd have to say that this was my favorite one, outdoing even toystory. The concept behind the movie is genious, and from beginning to end, I really enjoyed it. I definitely reccomend going to see it, I might just watch it again...

Lord Soth
October 29th, 2001, 04:34 AM
I've seen various trailers for mon inc. and it looks great. A definate go and see.

Anyone see american pie 2 yet? What did you think? Is it worth seeing?

Dragon Reborn
October 29th, 2001, 11:29 PM
Yes, Lord Soth, it is definitely worth seeing. Hilarious. I nearly cracked my sides laughing! I'll leave it at that.