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August 9th, 2004, 06:40 PM
Sorry for another one of my ideas.

I was thinking ( of course ) about starting the story off with the main character a Gargoyle with a curse ( may be originol but the story wont be ) and he is at a Saloon or Bar where he gets into an accidental fight with my old favorite Genjo the Swordsman.
After getting accidently friendshipped ( lol ) involved Genjo decides he wants to help the Gargoyle go into the Sorcerers Castle ( evil person who cast the dark-side spell on the Gargoyle that makes him evil at night) and destroy the Sorcerers Magic Jewel, enforcing the powers out of the sorcerer and breaking all magic the Sorcerer has cast.

I love the idea.
However it may be too originol to go ahead and build onto.