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September 6th, 2004, 10:26 PM
It looks like I'm not the first who has forgotten a book's author and title here. I hope you don't mind another puzzle to solve. This one's been driving me nuts for years. :confused:

For a long time I thought I'd come up with this 'philosophical' idea independently (before quantum science was popularized), but lately I suspect I read about it in a scifi book, an older one maybe written in the 60's or 70's. The idea of multiple universes was explained this way (sorta kinda): imagine you're driving down a road and an obstacle suddenly is in your path. From this very moment in time, all possible outcomes create separate universes branching out from this juncture, and all are equally real. In a universe you die, in another you swerve and survive, etc.

For some reason I keep thinking the title has Gate or Way in it, but I don't think it's Gateway or Waystation, which I did read years ago, but can't remember anymore.

I always thought it was a great solution to the perception that while we 'know' every single person is supposed to die, it's always someone else who does, not yourself. :p

September 7th, 2004, 12:16 AM

There are like so many different books this could be. This could be Zelaney's Roadmarks or his Amber series, or Heinlein's Number of the Beast or Piper's Paratime....

Besides it being about alternate universes, can you remember what else it was about?

September 7th, 2004, 12:27 AM
All I really remember was the explanation, possibly part of the name, and the fact that I liked the book a lot when I read it a long time ago. This may be impossible to track down with such a poor hint, sorry.

September 7th, 2004, 07:43 AM
All I really remember was the explanation, possibly part of the name, and the fact that I liked the book a lot when I read it a long time ago. This may be impossible to track down with such a poor hint, sorry.

Not impossible, just harder. I'm looking for a book too, only its one I never read. I'm going on what they told me was in it.

September 7th, 2004, 11:29 PM
1960**** Wall of Serpents, The by L. Sprague de Camp

1961**** Consider Her Ways and Others by John Wyndham
******** Meeting at Infinity by John Brunner
******** Three Hearts and Three Lions by Poul Anderson

1962**** Worlds of the Imperium by Keith Laumer

1963**** Glory Road by Robert A. Heinlein

1964**** Dimension 4 by Noah D. Fabricant
******** Future Imperfect by James E. Gunn
******** Into the Alternate Universe by A. Bertram Chandler
******** Outside the Universe by Edmond Hamilton
******** Sturgeon in Orbit by Theodore Sturgeon
******** Web of the Witch World by Andre Norton

1965**** Elidor by Alan Garner
******** Hunter Out of Time, The by Gardner F. Fox
******** Maker of Universes, The by Philip Jose Farmer
******** Other Side of Time, The by Keith Laumer
******** Quest Crosstime by Andre Norton
******** Sundered Worlds, The by Michael Moorcock
******** Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, The by Philip K. Dick
******** Universe Between, The by Alan E. Nourse

1966**** Crack in Space, The by Philip K. Dick
******** Gate of Time, The by Philip Jose Farmer
******** Gates of Creation, The by Philip Jose Farmer
******** No Other Gods But Me by John Brunner
******** Time Bender, The by Keith Laumer

1967**** Einstein Intersection, The by Samuel R. Delany
******** Key to Irunium, The by Kenneth Bulmer
******** One Million Centuries by Richard A. Lupoff

1968**** Assignment in Nowhere by Keith Laumer
******** Omnivore by Piers Anthony
******** Private Cosmos, A by Philip Jose Farmer
******** Rim Gods, The by A. Bertram Chandler
******** Six Gates from Limbo by J. T. McIntosh
******** Two-Timers, The by Bob Shaw
******** Woodrow Wilson Dime, The by Jack Finney

1969**** Bronze Axe, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** Galactic Pot-Healer by Philip K. Dick
******** Planets in Peril by Edmond Hamilton
******** Ubik by Philip K. Dick
******** Unicorn Girl, The by Michael J. Kurland

1970**** Behind the Walls of Terra by Philip Jose Farmer
******** Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny
******** Orn by Piers Anthony
******** Out of Their Minds by Clifford D. Simak
******** Red Moon and Black Mountain by Joy Chant
******** World Shuffler, The by Keith Laumer

1971**** Crimson Witch, The by Dean R. Koontz
******** Curtained Sleep, The by Archie Roy
******** Lathe of Heaven, The by Ursula K. Le Guin
******** Leaves of Time, The by Neal Barrett Jr.
******** Liberator of Jedd by Jeffrey Lord
******** Light Maze, The by Joan North
******** Space for Hire by William F. Nolan

1972**** Challenge Chaos, The by Brian M. Stableford
******** Gods Themselves, The by Isaac Asimov
******** Guns of Avalon, The by Roger Zelazny
******** Return of Kavin, The by David Mason
******** Scatter of Stardust, A by E. C. Tubb
******** Shape Changer, The by Keith Laumer

1973**** Gray Magic by Sarah Dreher
******** Jade Warrior, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** Jewel of Tharn by Jeffrey Lord
******** Other Dimensions by Robert Silverberg
******** Slave of Sarma by Jeffrey Lord
******** Undying World by Jeffrey Lord

1974**** All Times Possible by Gordon Eklund
******** Dimension of dreams by Jeffrey Lord
******** Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said by Philip K. Dick
******** Gholan Gate, The by Gregory Kern
******** Ice Dragon by Jeffrey Lord
******** Kingdom of Royth by Jeffrey Lord
******** Lavender-Green Magic by Andre Norton
******** Midsummer Tempest, A by Poul Anderson
******** Pearl of Patmos by Jeffrey Lord
******** Strange Universe by Amabel Williams-Ellis , Michael Pearson
******** Truth About Stone Hollow, The by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

1975**** Barnard's Planet by John Boyd
******** Best of Henry Kuttner, The by Henry Kuttner
******** Blown or Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind by Philip Jose Farmer
******** Charisma by Michael Greatrex Coney
******** Crystal seas, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** Eight Days of Luke by Diana Wynne Jones
******** Eye in the Pyramid, The by Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson
******** Golden Apple, The by Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson
******** Golden Steed, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** Illuminatus Trilogy, The by Robert Anton Wilson, Robert Shea
******** King of Zunga by Jeffrey Lord
******** Leviathan by Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson
******** Magic Meadow, The by Alexander Key
******** No Direction Home by Norman Spinrad
******** Saturday, the Twelfth of October by Norma Fox Mazer
******** Temples of Ayocan, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** Towers of Melnon, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** Violet Apple & The Witch, The by David Lindsay

1976**** Champion of the Gods by Jeffrey Lord
******** Dragon and the George, The by Gordon R. Dickson
******** Forests of Gleor, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** Guardians of the coral throne by Jeffrey Lord
******** Into the Painted Bear Lair by Pamela Stearns
******** Looters of Tharn by Jeffrey Lord
******** Mountains of Brega, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** New Voyages, The by Myrna Culbreath, Sondra Marshak
******** Ox by Piers Anthony
******** Perilous Dreams by Andre Norton
******** Warlords of Gaikon, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** With a Human Touch by Linda Varsell Smith

1977**** Aldair, Master of Ships by Neal Barrett Jr.
******** Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones
******** Dark Tower and Other Stories, The by C. S. Lewis, Walter Hooper
******** Demon of the Deep by Brad Quentin
******** Dream of Wessex, A by Christopher Priest
******** Empire of Blood by Jeffrey Lord
******** Fog Magic by Julia L. Sauer
******** Illearth War, The by Stephen R. Donaldson
******** Interworld by Isidore Haiblum
******** Lavalite World, The by Philip Jose Farmer
******** Lord Foul's Bane by Stephen R. Donaldson
******** Planet of Evil, The by Terrance Dicks
******** Power that Preserves, The by Stephen R. Donaldson
******** Torian Pearls, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** Weeping Sky, The by Lee Harding

1978**** City of the Living Dead by Jeffrey Lord
******** Constant Travellers, The by Gordon Basichis
******** Joan-of-Arc Replay, The by Pierre Barbet
******** Journey into Q-Space by Brad Quentin
******** Master of the Hashomi by Jeffrey Lord
******** Rituals of Infinity, The by Michael Moorcock
******** Treasure of the Stars by Jeffrey Lord
******** Wizard of Rentoro by Jeffrey Lord

1979**** And the Devil Will Drag You Under by Jack L. Chalker
******** Dimension of Horror by Jeffrey Lord
******** Door into Fire, The by Diane Duane
******** Gladiators of Hapanu by Jeffrey Lord
******** Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The by Douglas Adams
******** Mask of the Sun, The by Fred Saberhagen
******** Monster of the Maze by Jeffrey Lord
******** Pirates of Gohar by Jeffrey Lord

1980**** Dreaming Dragons, The by Damien Broderick
******** House Between the Worlds, The by Marion Zimmer Bradley
******** Infinitive of Go, The by John Brunner
******** Killer plants of Binaark by Jeffrey Lord
******** Last President, The by Michael J. Kurland, S. W. Barton
******** Magicians of Caprona, The by Diana Wynne Jones
******** Master of Boranga by Mike Sirota
******** Probability Broach, The by L. Neil Smith
******** Ruins of Kaldac, The by Jeffrey Lord
******** Shadowland by Peter Straub
******** Split Infinity by Piers Anthony
******** Venus Belt, The by L. Neil Smith

September 8th, 2004, 12:47 AM
Wow! I don't know what to say, Expendable. I was actually just hoping my description would ring a bell with someone. You've put a whole lot of effort into this, I never expected something like this. I wish I could help you find your book, but I don't recognize the story - during that time period I took a break from scifi.

Anyway, thank you, you've given me a good start. :)

September 8th, 2004, 10:49 AM
:o Trying to find my book I've found some good places that help you find books but I've not found mine yet. v.v

I hope the book you're looking for is on my list, there's a lot of books here that have road or gate in their names. And maybe the people who know those books can help you trim it down to a few.

September 13th, 2004, 12:09 PM
Hello, just reading your thread and I wanted to say that maybe it was a book by Moorcock, as the 'Multiverse' or 'Million Spheres' as he calls it, is a running theme through many of his awesome books. That is where my username comes from, a Moorcock character. I think he has a website at multiverse.org. Hope that helps, good luck!


September 13th, 2004, 12:28 PM
Thank you, Bowgentle, I'll take a look. Sounds interesting to pursue either way.

September 14th, 2004, 10:11 PM
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