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September 8th, 2004, 02:57 AM
seems i'm not the only one with this problem, i don't feel like such a dork now. I read this one a couple years ago while i was stuck at boot camp, someone lent it to me and I don't remember what it's called or who wrote it, obviously since i would have had an easier time doing a search for it. lol
my memory is a little sketchy, but any clue would be appreciated

it's set in a world that's ruled by women and then men are raised to be mated off to other women.quite the opposite of the way things use to be, but anyway, there's some kind of prophecy or some such thing saying that someone with the ability to use a special weapon or their weapons with both hands at the same time rather than one? I don't remember what this person was suppose to come to do but anyhow i think the main character is a male who may be the one? or it might be that the main character is the woman who is his master?

sorry if that was a little confusing or not too detailed but thats the best I can remember right now. thanks ahead of time for you help!