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October 1st, 2004, 06:34 PM
I am trying to recall a story I read sometime (who knows when - maybe elementary school - that would have been around '83-'86) about a group of people living on some planet They crashed there with some space ship Apparently when they crashed they made it to some cave to live in but on a daily basis the sun was just way too hot to make it back to the space craft to try to fix it

Plus the story goes something like by the time the people learn all there is to know about the space craft and everything it becomes the end of their life So basically they have to try to learn stuff quickly and somehow solve the problem of getting to the craft safely to be able to fix it In the meantime the most important thing is for them to pass on the knowledge from generation to generation so that one day someone will possibly be able to reach the craft and everything

Anyway - I think I remember somebody finally doing so (of course) because he learns faster than any of them had in the past and of course he saves the day and all of that -

Any ideas anyone?? :) It's driving me a little bit batty that I can't seem to find the story - I've done google searches and amazon searches and since I have *no* idea what the title or author is I'm lost!!! (And I'm trying to draw a parallel to the idea in something in law but want to verify that I have the story straight first!)

October 6th, 2004, 05:22 AM
There was a Doctor Who episode (and novelisation thereof) like this called Full Circle, but it may not be the same thing, of course. Out there, the DOctor finds a set up much like you've described, only it is generations after the crash, and the apparent descendants of the crash turn out to be mutated forms of native life forms on the planet, rather than actual descendants of the crew.

The 4th Doctor, I believe. he had some great stories going for him!

October 7th, 2004, 08:04 AM
Hey - thanks for the lead!! I just tracked down the Andrew Smith book version and ordered it to check it out. I appreciate you taking the time to reply! - Stephanie