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November 17th, 1999, 10:07 PM
The chat room I used to frequent for B5 closed after the end of the series, I really miss the in depth discussions we used to have.

And X-Files... well what does everyone think of the that season ender/opener trilogy? What now?

November 18th, 1999, 11:07 AM
The X-Files was a dandy little diversion at first, but after a couple of seasons, it got into the inevitable prime-time wierdness-of-the-week syndrome. And, Fox TV's numbwit decision to take it out of its original time-slot, where it ruled the ratings, helped accelerate the degradation and ultimate demise.

Last grump: the show never really fleshed out the Scully and Mulder characters.

November 19th, 1999, 03:52 PM
Doctor Doom:
As usual we disagree. BTW, X-Files aint dead yet, there's still this season.
As I understand it three films scheduled over the next three years, but no firm commitment from the stars.

The series has survived because the writers didn't flesh out Mulder and Scully. How long before the fell into bed together absolutely ruined Moonlighting. When they did...bye bye series.
I understand that tv series, (sci-fi or not), resort to evening soap themes to get the public hooked on the characters because the plot lines are so thin.
Chris Carter relies on weirdness, and the continuing conspiracy theories, characters be damned. Good for him.

Try the Sliders on the Sci-Fi channel. Good example of the story lines carrying the show, (when it's good), rather than the characters. From the original cast of four only one remains.
One got killed off the first season when it was on network tv. There has been a revolving cast ever since. Some lasting only four or five episodes.
The story is the show, not the characters.

That said, I don't watch it much.

Bab5 and the others, with strange characters running around with rakes sticking out of the mouths, or three feet high, six legs, talking like a chipmunk, have never turned me on.
Now the brunette babe on Next Generation who really filled out her skin tight space suit, well..........

(We're going to have to stop meeting like this).

November 19th, 1999, 03:59 PM
Agreed on X-Files... It still has a huge fan base.

But B5 is a whole story... 5 years long, not just characters, you have to want to "hear" and "live" the story. If you're that type of fan... you hear the message in it. There are a lot of us... unfortunately the main chat room went away with the main run of the show... and I don't really have time to just sit and chat anymore anyway.

Would sure like to run into someone on a board like this though, who'd like to discuss some of the deeper stuff from the story.

November 19th, 1999, 04:03 PM
I really enjoyed B5. I was sad when it ended, but, I realize that if it was like most shows that continue without end, it could not have been done so well. I was terribly disappointed in Crusade.

I loved X-files, until I saw the movie. On the alien space craft, had to get Scully out, ooops! only have 5 minutes of film left, must resort to quick and stupid save. Does anyone remember Dallas? When Patrick Duffy wanted back on the show, after getting killed on the show, 1 season later his wife wakes up in bed, he's in the shower and she says "Bobby, I just had the strangest dream." And poof! The whole season before just disappeared. I recall saying, "If the people that write that show think we're that dumb, I won't watch it again!" And I never did. I got that exact same feeling when Mulder saved Scully with one injection of some strange goo that, not only got her out of danger, but also caused the alien ship to weigh anchor and leave. Then, here they are, out in the frozen North (or South) miles from anywhere, alone, yet they somehow make it back to civilization before freezing to death? I'm dumb, but I'm not that stupid. I haven't watched it since.

November 19th, 1999, 04:31 PM
B5 was meant to be a story... beginning, middle and end. I knew from the start it wouldn't go more than 5 years...

The X-Files movie... yeah well, the guys who put these things together aren't the most interested in a cohesive story sometimes. I wouldn't let one movie throw me off the whole series though.

I still watch the series though, they "leave" a lot to the imagination sometimes too... but there are some episodes that are priceless.

November 19th, 1999, 05:51 PM
BC: as usual.

But, there's no hard and fast rule about what's "good" and what isn't. Although X-Files did have it moments, in general it left me wanting something more substantial.

Re more character depth, I assuredly did NOT suggest the usual bed-hopping that comprises much of the garbage that we laughably call "entertainment". But, cardboard cutouts reciting their way through bizarre plots do not constitute adult entertainment (adult as in mature, not as in filthy).

Another problem that surfaced over time was the repetitiveness. Recycling is inevitable when trying to fill an hour a week. After a couple of seasons, the diligent fan could see SSDD in action. Different people, diferent places, but same underpinnings.

So, are you right or am I? You have your perception and I have mine. In any case, the series has grown long in the tooth.

Re the film, it was okay for chuckles.

October 4th, 2000, 09:27 AM
I really enjoyed B5, and was really disapointed that Crusade was cancelled, I thought it had the beginings of a good show.

October 4th, 2000, 01:34 PM
If you go to Zahadum....you will die.
Best scifi tv series so far. Even those crappy 'filler' episodes usually had some little clues that related to the overall story line--something that the start trek clones fail to achieve. My only gripe was that it was screened on saturday afternoons here in NZ. Consequently most people never got the opportunity to watch it. My flatmates and I used to tape it and watch it religiously. Even hired a video projector and had a B5 weekend once. Good times! Pity it had to end. Ah well, Ivanova for president!

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fluffy bunny
January 7th, 2002, 02:06 AM
b5 was cool- well until the end of the shadow war.

2nd half of series 4, most of series 5 (exept the last episode), and crusade were sipmly tosh.

BTW- i've got latest sfx magazine, and B5:LOTR (legend of the rangers)- a 2 hour movie looks pretty good- apparently the american sci-fi channel were so impressed, they're trailing it b4 lotr in america. Shows the rangers restoring order to the galaxy after the shadow war (so seris 4 background). Out on Jan 19th on the american sci-fi channel- which probably means we'll have to wait another half year or so b4 it comes out over here- (UK fans will know how long we had to wait 4 the last 5 episodes- and then they just showed it on the big breakfast whilst everyone was working)!

The special effects are huge!!!!!!!!!