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October 23rd, 2004, 07:34 PM
Well some of you on here a frequent posters, and few published writers, but you are keeping your lips sealed! :p

So what is everyone working on right now?

I'll start off. I just began a fantasy (that's right, a fantasy for me; it will be my first) about a young monk whose father dies. His father gives him the sword and he begins having visions of his predecessors urging him to find the missing pages of an old family tome.

It is coming along all right, the words are really gushing out of me, and it isn't so much of an issue of forcing myself to write now. :rolleyes:

So what are you guys up to?

October 24th, 2004, 12:21 AM
Raised in the cold home of her uncle, a young half-human/half-elven girl is falsely accused of stealing from a visiting noble and thrown into prison.

I have a second story I'm doing too.

On a distant alien planet, natives on a trading trip to a human religious colony bring a surprise with them - a mute human girl who uses sign language to talk to both the natives and the colonists. She claims to have escaped from a smuggling ship before the captain decided to sell her - but the natives think she might be the legendary "Opener of the Way".

October 24th, 2004, 05:46 AM
Work in progress! Ugh! I feel like the mad scientist standing amid their failed and discarded experiments...

I am editing work, (three in fact, one solo, two joint) at the moment not creating. I don't seem to have either the time or the frame of mind to "create". Creating is hard work and that is something I feel like avoiding at the moment. lol...

I suppose I should actually get down to sorting out the timeline of my ideas for other efforts in the "monster's world." I have the first book written, the other 5 (or it could be 3 or 4 it depends if the ideas work out) are a jumble of ideas and plot lines, some of which suck, some are ok... and some are good, well at the moment I think they are... lol...

Now off to finish this day's work in progress... housework... my fault for having yesterday off...lol....

October 24th, 2004, 11:05 AM
Currently writing a script but workload in college and a nasty case of writers block is interfering

October 26th, 2004, 11:00 AM
Really, my only work in progress at the moment is worldbuilding because...
I have a bunch of short stories that need expanding, and will fit in this world.
I have the basic skeleton of a longer work, which I consider the main story, (really why I am worldbuilding) that needs a context to work with.

The background of the main story is the main character is dealing with the many issues he has with his parents. They hate him, or at least it seems to him that they hate him. He has been a fairly good kid, but he is never good enough. The parents' reasoning is that they are trying to keep him on the straight and narrow path so he doesn't stray, but all he sees is that they can't accept anything that isn't done to their standards. On top of the fact that they are entirely too strict, his mother has an anger management problem - That's the nice way of saying it. She believes that violence will solve all of the problems, and uses it often against the main character in his childhood because she does not have the emotional/mental capacity to actually try parenting.
The story starts with the main character trying to get into some fancy private school to please his parents and maybe finally gain their acceptance. He gets in and nothing changes. He has gone through his whole life trying to gain their acceptance at his own expense, and they continue rummaging through his stuff like he is hiding something and giving him rules more severe than a parole officer hands out. They treat him like a criminal, and seem to act as if they expect him to relapse into the life of crime that he never had.
The main character can only take so much of this behavior without getting a taste of the other side, after all, if he is being punished like a criminal he might as well try it out (they can't punish him more than they already do... it's that bad). He basically goes to the fringes of society with friends he picks up and their start breaking stuff. On thing leads to another and their turn into criminals. People on the fringes of society are either up to no good, or seen to be up to no good because they are of such low social class so someone patrols this urban decay looking for offenders, and the main character gets caught.
All of a sudden, he IS a criminal to his parents. More conflict there, but he is moving out. He has always wanted to enlist in the military but his parents tell him he wants to be an officer. Yes, his parents tell HIM what HE wants to do. Yes, wants. As you can see there is a definate problem between his rebelliousness and their belief that they know everything about everything. He ends up going to a military academy/OCS type deal and leaves because he wants to be a fighter and they want to train him to drill. Some might argue that drill instills discipline, yadda yadda yadda, been there done that... the point is that he wants to fight and nothing more. He leaves and decides to take no **** from anyone anymore.
He decides he is still going to be an officer now, because he has a blossoming romance and is thinking that maybe being a grunt wouldn't be the best for his lover, assuming that they marry, which they do, so he actually wants to be an officer now. He never thought about a spouse in the picture before because... He hates relationships (more on that in the actual story). It turns out that the XO at the academy lied and then tried to screw him over, preventing a military career, so there is difficulty in getting into an officer program.
While trying to finish college to take a more direct route to become an officer (even though he has now been screwed by the system and has little chance of becomming an officer), he starts hanging out with new friends and doing a lot of the same stuff until BAM! he's just as bad as he was before... Only this time things go even further and he pretty much becomes a terrorist (by the standards of everyone else). Well, he isn't a terrorist, but you are what you are labeled (MESSAGE!) so he has to head out into the fringes of society and try to survive.
Then, it becomes a story of rebelling against society, fighting the system, and dealing with fate. Yes, he knows when he will die because... you know what it is just too complicated to explain - He just knows he is going to die and you will have to read the story to find out why. You have the core of the story now... Of course there is a LOT to be fleshed out and the ending isn't there...

As far as the short stories go, a lot of the MCs of the short stories come into contact with the MC of the main story, so you get a different view on things that are going on at the time. On top of that, there are completely unrelated characters in some of the short stories that just show a different lifestyle/element of the world.

ironchef texmex
October 28th, 2004, 12:05 PM
I'm very slowly scratching out a short story set in the 14th century based on the unfortunate medieval practice of assuming that the mentally ill were "touched by god".

It's about a very "unwell" vicar who takes a group of traders on a St. Anthony's (saint of healing) pilgrimage during a time of plague. I call it Never to Return.

October 28th, 2004, 03:57 PM
An on again/off again work I am working on is "Tales Of Ting"- which is really 10 stories within one big story, each "story" is a chapter, but it's own enclosed story, and in each story there is a particular paragraph which "intercepts" with the next story, but you don't know that until you read the next story and the scene in question is the one starts it. I've discovered a character that upon feedback is coming across stronger than I had hoped (someone even whispered "franchise" in my ear *G*) As for what it's about...well...it's about a silver ball really, but so much more than that, how it intersperses with each story(or chapter as it were)- it's really a character study of characters in my own world.

October 28th, 2004, 08:57 PM
Well, I started the permanet life of Genjo and hope to continue it till the last book is off of the shelves ;) .