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October 30th, 2004, 04:14 PM
Hi, I'm looking for aspiring non-fiction writers.

WEHT.net: the Online Compendium of "What Ever Happened To?"
and "Where Are They Now?" is looking for contributors.

WEHT.net is an Alexa Top-100,000 website and ascending rapidly. It
has been featured in USAToday, MuchMusic and was selected as one
of the Top 100 Sites on the Internet by FHM Magazine in 2002.

When you become a Registered Contributor to WEHT.net, you derive
benefit by:

- earning affiliate income from the articles you submit.
- getting a bio page on WEHT.net which links back to your own website.

An individual article on WEHT.net can get over 1,000 unique
visitors per day and typically place very well in search engines, most
of the articles on the site appear in the 1st page of search results
for their respective topics.

When you are the contributor who submits those articles, you recieve
the affiliate income from them and run-off traffic to your own website
via your bio page on WEHT.net.

How it works:

You register at http://www.weht.net/contributors/ and in your
profile you enter:

- Your Amazon Associates ID
- Your Allposters ID

When your article is approved your affiliate ID's display on those
pages, you earn any of the Amazon/Allposters affiliate income derived
from your contributions to WEHT.net.

It's a great way to build up a residual revenue stream and with
Christmas coming, it's the perfect time to get your articles published
to the website (affiliate income for the Christmas quarter rises