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February 26th, 2008, 02:05 AM
OK, im just grabbing it from when krystna told Jarvin about the man in the kitchen and he told Gavner and his to suck salt on the floor of some dirty old rat infested barn.

Jarvin told Krystna to enter the house through the side door and to ensure that neither she nor anyone else in the house came to disturb him and his guest. As she took off he made his way to the kitchen door. Jarvin was known to be a good man, not a clean one, but brave. There was nothing that he had done to be in fear of the marshal and his men, yet deep in him he felt it. The cold fingers of thick fear beating at his insides.

As he opened the door to the kitchen he saw his visitor standing near to the window looking out. The man was tall, taller than he by a head or more. His arms were thick muscle and his chest was wide. He wore a long black cloak over a leather jerkin, ordinary yet very clean breeches and boots. Sword at his hip. When the visitor saw Jarvin he turned his head slowly and it was only then that he noticed the gash across the right side of the man's face, from mouth to ear. It was then that realisation struck him so hard he nearly fell.

"Greetings stranger, have a seat." Jarvin said. "What brings you to my humble home at this hour?" The man did not sit but only stood there,near to the window.
"I know you," was all the visitor said.
"Is that so? Well I cannot say that I do the same for you," Jarvin replied. The visitor stared intently at him, small green eyes seeing deep. He said nothing and only stroked his gash.
"He sent me for the stone,"said the visitor slowly.
"I do not know..." Jarvin began, when suddenly the visitor threw his fist through the window. There was a loud crash as the glass shattered and splinters rained on the floor beneath them.
"I shall play no games,"

It had been near an hour since her daughter had come telling her that Jarvin was with a guest and was not to be disturbed. She put all the children to bed and she Krystna remained awake in her room.
"Don't worry child, i'm sure its a messnger from Uncle Tam,"
"Mother, he was not the size of any messenger and he carried a sword,"
"I'm sure he...did you hear that?" There was suddenly a loud crash, and from the other room she heard her baby cry out. She and Krystna burst from the room. The door to the children's room was still closed. She looked down the staircase and saw a figure standing there. She ran down the stairs, Krystna following closely behind.
The door to the kitchen was swinging open, the window from which moonlight poured into the room was broken and a man she had never seen before stood over her husband's body with sword in hand. She dropped to her knees. Krystna screamed and sobbed. The man threw his sword down and hurried over to them. Lysa put her hands over her daughter.
"Take me, but please leave her, i beg you,"
"Miss, I am Gavner. Your husband let me and my companions stay in your barn tonight. A man met with him here and I came out to see him when i heard the something break. This man talked with him about a stone, then killed him. I hurt him but he managed to get away, my men and i shall find him and I promise you I will avenge your husband's death." As quickly as he said it, Gavner was through the door into the darkness of the night.

Mistress Maerad
February 29th, 2008, 05:57 PM
Can anyone sum all this up? I mean, I know it's only 2 pages, but I find that this is all rather confusing. I'm slow.....but I'd like to post....so thanx!

February 29th, 2008, 11:35 PM
Alrighty, here goes.

2 knights, brothers, are standing watch when they see a group headed they're way. It turns out to be visitors to their castle and the boys greet their aunt reluctantly. The aunt is looking for an old wizard who they were just speaking to, and they hide is whereabouts. However as a price he is telling them the secret of where their uncle truly is, which is a quest for a sun stone.
All that with the men going to the barn and whatnot is the old wizard telling the young knights the story of their uncle's journey. (which he is still on)

Thats a basic sumary so join in :D:D

Mistress Maerad
March 1st, 2008, 03:59 PM
Forgive me if I make a mistake.........how old is Krystna? I'm imagining her pretty old, like 17 or something.

Lysa couldn't believe it. She was in shock.....her husband, murdered.....
Krystna felt her mother trembling. And then suddenly, the woman fainted. "Mother!" she cried, and turned quickly to see her pale face. She dragged her to a chair and shook her awake.
"Krystna......I had the most horrible dream................"
Krystna swallowed. "It wasn't a dream."
Lysa looked shocked, and Krystna took the opportunity to stand up and grab a dagger. She tossed it to her mother, who fumbled with it in the air before she got a firm grip on the leather end.
"Stay here. The dagger can keep you safe."
"Where are you going?" Lysa said, still frightened and horrified.
She turned, fastening ehr father's sword to her waist. "I'm going to fight, and I will avenge."
And she turned and ran out after Gavner.


"What happened then?" asked Jayden, his eyes as wide as the eyes ofa child's half his age.
Milter smiled, amused. "It is all about what happened then."

May 28th, 2009, 02:48 AM
"But surely Milter, theres more?" Gregor asked. His mind told him that the old wizard could have been telling a long story just to keep them occupied but deep inside his heart he knew that the story Milter was telling them, was indeed the truth.
"Aye, there is more." Milter said with a mysterious air. He looked down of the parapet and noticed that all the guests had arrived. "I'm afraid boys the rest must wait, the feast for your sister's marriage will begin shortly and you must be there." Milter shuddered. "Before your Aunt Jan comes looking for you." And without another word more he muttered a single spell and disappeared from view.

N. E. White
June 19th, 2009, 06:25 PM
Jayden and Gregor looked at each other.

"Great," Jayden said, "We'll have to wait until Sol knows when."

"Yeah, Milter could be half way to the sun stone for all we know," Gregor replied.

They looked down at the crowd, music wafting up to remind them of their duty.

Jayden, the responsible one, said, "Let's get this over with."

(sorry, not much a writer but something important must happen at the wedding! keep it going!)

June 20th, 2009, 07:08 AM
The two boys behaving like men walked somewhat hesitantly towards thr crowd infront of them. The crowd were already mingling and laughing as they waited for the bride and groom to come and the wedding to begin. Jayden looked at his brother who seemed to be edging away to the darkest corner, not daring to talk to anyone. Jayden shook his head. His brother the Watcher whereas he was the one who had to do all he could.
He decided to leave him there and mingle in with the crowd before his sister came down the isle and the ceremony to begin.

October 10th, 2009, 06:09 AM
However, before he could, a paino began playing, sweet notes drifting in the air and bringing everyone to stillness.
Jayden smiled, recognising the soul behind the music. He had only ever heard her play once before, but it was enough.
Despite the fear everyone felt at the thought of her cheek-pinching, there was a reason his sister had invited their Aunt to the wedding. In all the land, he doubted there was another better than her at the piano, and these haunting, beautiful notes stood testimony to that.
A rustling spread through the hall as all turned to the archway, searching for the beautiful girl that would be wearing wedding white.

October 19th, 2009, 09:39 AM
His sister was doing there family proud. Though Jayden knew she would have married for love. He looked closely at his sister as she walked solemnly down the aisle. She looked forlorn. He felt his heart lurch with sadness as he watched her walk down the aisle. She reached the man she was to marry and he heard a faint sob from her as the man raised her veil.