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Nathan Carter
April 22nd, 2002, 06:05 PM
The only movie of recent release that I have a hankering to see is Frality. But I am so cautious lately about the movies I watch, because not only do they drain my wallet, but more often than not I'm left screaming at the manager about giving me back the two hours of my life he stole.

I'm running out of theaters that I havn;t been kicked out of, so if you have seen this move, how bout a overall review?

April 22nd, 2002, 06:59 PM
I haven't seen it, but it is all that I've heard about for the past couple of weeks. Bill Paxton is from Texas so all the local papers and news stations have been interviewing him and reviewing the movie.

It looks very dark and sort of f-ed up to me. A guy is so super-christian that he thinks he's been ordered by God to kill "demons" and have his two young sons help in the murders. Not exactly a soft and fuzzy kind of flick, but it does seem sort of interesting. Kind of like watching Fargo, Seven or Barton Fink. You don't leave the theater feeling good, but you do think about the movie for a long time afterwards.

The reviews have been weird also. It's been highly touted as a throwback horror flick, but people are so freaked out by the child murderers aspect that they end up saying it is just plain disturbing.

I'll probably wait and rent this one.

Nathan Carter
April 23rd, 2002, 05:43 AM
Yes, I too have been barmbarded by the hype of it... what sparks my interest most is that people I respect highly are giving it praise. Like Sam Rami (Evil Dead series, The Gift) this warrants my attention... plus I think Paxton is a great actor, my favorite role for him was as the hilarious and brutal vampire in "Near Dark"

He does horror and madness so well, it looks promising, but I'm curious to hear the opinion of somebody who has actually watched it... anybody?

April 29th, 2002, 05:54 AM
I saw this the day it came out. I'm a movie freak and love everything and anything, if it is done well.

The word distrubing comes up very often when discussing this movie. So know going in this movie is not everyone's cup-o-tea, as a matter-of-fact it will probably be most people's poison.

The subject matter hinges right on the razor's edge of controversy poised to topple you into down right hatred for the movie or out right adoration for its' unapologetic suggestion.
There are several wild surprises towards the end of this dark flick that may, or may not, leave you scratching your head.
The acting is top notch, with Matthew McCoughnahey, Bill Paxton, and Powers Boothe plying their craft with all the dark subtle nuance this tale calls for.
So if you're a Walt Disney kind of moviegoer who likes to frolick out of the movie theatre with a spring in your stride and a gleam in your eye, then perhaps you might want to stay away.