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October 14th, 2001, 05:22 PM
I know that there are a lot of people here from all sorts of nationalities, and I'm not sure if some of you have ever even seen this show, but in my opinion, "The Simpsons" is the greatest television show ever made.

No show has ever made me laugh as much, and it is the only show that I can watch the re-runs time after time and still fing myself laughing, even when I know what's going to happen. It just never gets old. And the writing is ingenious. This show is such a goldmine for quotes(for example-Homer is on top of a car giving a toast.... "To Alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems). The Simpsons is one of the only reasons that I ever turn my T.V on to be honest.

So I was wondering, does anyone else here share my love of this show?

October 14th, 2001, 05:31 PM
My favorite show of all time is Doctor Who, followed by Red Dwarf

October 15th, 2001, 03:44 AM
There are programmes i love more, but 'The Simpsons' is the only thing that EVERYONE in my house sits down to and laughs out loud.
That's 3 women aged 16, 19 and 45, a man aged 44 and 2 boys aged 13 and 7. And that's QUITE a range!

October 15th, 2001, 05:49 AM
Inspector Morse, one of the best series ever made in the UK.

October 15th, 2001, 06:11 AM
I have to agree, "The Simpson's" is my favorite show ever! I go to the video store and rent Simpson's videos, for crying out loud (ones I've seen before, even!)! I play Simpson's Trivia at work - isn't that awful?

October 15th, 2001, 08:12 AM
The Simpsons is cool, but I'm an SF fan. Also my choice is limited to what is shown on TV here...

...But I really liked Babylon 5, Quantum Leap, and *especially* The X-Files (seasons 1-5).

October 15th, 2001, 10:20 PM
My all time favorite show is The Transformers, they sure knew how to made cartoons in the 80s...

October 16th, 2001, 12:49 AM
HMM, the Simpsons are certainly among my favorites but the only series I have every episode (shown in Germany) archived is "the Sopranos", the only current tv series to beat cinema in almost every way.

October 19th, 2001, 07:32 PM
Without a doubt the greatest TV show ever is Seinfeld. I've got almost 150 episodes manually taped and I can only find 3 episodes that weren't brilliant.

October 21st, 2001, 11:39 AM
You are so right...there are no TV shows better than the Simpsons. Most shows have some episodes that get boring or the humor doesn't quite succeed, but the Simpsons are ALWAYS good.