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May 7th, 2002, 09:28 AM
Well, by some cunning manuevering from me and a friend of mine, we managed to slip into a press screening of the film. So I'm going to write up a little spoiler free review.

First of all, I think you can go into the film without having to worry about it being a repeat of episode 1.

Now, as far as action scenes go, these were brilliant. I won't go into any details, but in terms of visuals and choreography, these scenes were awesome.

I also give the film kudos for stunning imagery, both organic and technical. I thought the CGI didn't feel nearly as sterile this time around, and the result was mucho eye-candy.

As for acting, it was hit or miss with me. In some scenes I thought it was well done, in others I didn't. But for the most part, it was adequate, though, no one was what you'd call spectacular.

The Dialogue was nothing to write home about, but this has never been one of starwars strong suits, so not much of a surprise here.

And, probably my major gripe with the film, and it's one I had with the last one . . . I just didn't get attached to any of the characters. None of them were memorable, IMO. There were no Han Solo, Chewy, Luke kind of characters that stick with you once the movie is finished. Not to say I didn't like them, I just didn't really feel either way about any of them. I didn't hate the villians, and I wasn't rooting for the heroes. I just sort of watched.

The plot, although adequate, didn't suck me in. It was good enough, but nothing spectacular.

*Possible Spoiler*

But, something that I loved, was R2D2 and C3P0's return. They added a lot of the original three film's feel to it, and it was a welcome (and humorous) addition (or return, depending on how you look at it).

Final Verdict: It's no Empire Strikes Back, but it's a vast improvement over episode 1. And when it hits the action, you're in for a ride. 7.5 out of 10.

Rob B
May 7th, 2002, 09:44 AM
I have to admit, I have been getting more excited about this as it draws closer. The commercials/previews that I've seen are giving me a new hope.

A lot of heresay from Web reviewers and people who have seen more of the film have said Lucas has learned his lesson. Supposedly, the novelization of the film by Salvatore is really good too.

The guys I listen to on the radio in the afternoon were talking about it and one of their regular guests got to see it. The host (Anthony) asked his friend who saw it about the fight scenes.

He said: "Think Braveheart with Light Sabres"

May 7th, 2002, 10:33 AM
Really, the fight scenes/battle scenes were brilliant. I'd say they were the highlight of the film. It was lacking in other areas, but since the action and effects were so well done, it was very entertaining. Not necessarily a great movie (which, for me to call one such, must be good in all areas), but definitely a cool one.

May 9th, 2002, 04:05 AM
Alucard, since you've seen both Spiderman and AOTC, how would you compare them in relation to each other?

BTW what action movies do you consider great?

May 9th, 2002, 09:50 AM
I enjoyed AotC more than I did spiderman. Because, really, neither of the stories really sucked me in, and none of the characters really grabbed me either, so what I'm left with is how much I was entertained by each film. Starwars did a better job of it. There were many more moments where I was caught myself saying, "Damn, that was cool."

Action movies I like . . .

Well, to be honest, a lot of action films don't really grab me. Even if they are fun to watch, I usually have no interest in watching them again. But I'll throw together what I can think of.

I thought Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a great action film.

Akira Kurosawa'a The Seven Samurai is fantastic, despite it's age and length (or, in many ways, because of it).

Braveheart has always been a favorite of mine. It's one of the movies that I've seen more than ten times, and will watch again.

The Usual Suspects is one of my all time favorite films (not sure if it would be considered action though).

Hmmm...I think this would be easier if you defined "action" for me. I like a lot of films that might go in this category, depending on how you look at it.

May 14th, 2002, 06:25 AM
I've got my midnight tickets! I can't wait to be dazzled by the movie's special effects and action.

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Rob B
May 14th, 2002, 06:52 AM
I thought Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a great action film.

Tried to watch it twice. First time missed the first 10-15 minutes and didn't care for it.

Second time, saw it from the beginning and liked it even less. IMHO, one of THE most overrated movies ever. I just thought it was plain B-O-R-I-N-G.

May 14th, 2002, 03:20 PM
I was disappointed by crouching tiger: hidden dragon too, but I thought it was okay.

Is episode 2 a sappy love story??? Please say no, please say no. That's what the previews i've seen have indicated.

I didn't even see original Star Wars until I saw episode I and my god, the originals were so much better.

May 14th, 2002, 07:07 PM
I really enjoyed crouching tiger. I thought the sound track, scenery, cinematography, and especially the choreography, were all fantastically done. But, each to their own.

And yes, there is a love story, but it's not the only focus of the film (thankfully, because it wasn't especially well done). In fact, it felt more like an action movie than anything else. Again, I think it lacks the charm that the first three films have because of their characters, but it was still a good flick.

May 16th, 2002, 01:47 PM
Saw AOTC. In terms of action and visual artistry the movie deserves an A. In terms of a believable romantic love story: D.