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March 23rd, 2001, 06:53 PM
Alright, i don't know how official this particular thread is, but I was looking for an agent to sell one of my books and I don't know that much about the market. How are the hot (or semi-hot) agents in the industry of fantasy, science-fiction or young adult sff? If anyone has a hint, clue, witticism, note or love to send out to this aspiring writer, please just throw it down. http://www.sffworld.com/ubb/smile.gif

March 24th, 2001, 03:30 AM
A few years ago I attended a convention in Atlanta, Dragon Con. This was the second convention Id been to and both had programing specially for aspiring writers. At this one they had what was called the writers den, a place where amateur writers could meet and talk to published writers in an informal atmosphere. Although I can not give advice from personal experience I can relay what these published authors recommended. They suggested that you network at the conventions and try to promote your book to publishing houses yourself and when you have it basically sold, then get an agent. Also, they suggested that you could find out who your favorite authors use to get a better idea of reputable agents.

March 24th, 2001, 08:59 PM
Thanks a lot. That is really helpful. I'll probably take your second idea because it's hard for me to get out to conferences and conventions. But you were a huge help.
Anyone else?

Lady Domini
March 26th, 2001, 03:48 PM
Just to second that that's what I've heard--sell you book first, THEN get an agent; that way, the agents know the publishing houses think you're good enough to publish, and will take you on.