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February 23rd, 2005, 05:17 PM
I was just wondering (as I played another game of starcraft) if anyone else here has a certain few games that they never really stopped playing. For instance, my favourite shooter is still Quake III. I still play way too much starcraft... and I don't even have anything against busting out the old Sega console and Mortal Kombat II...

Or am I just sad?

February 23rd, 2005, 05:46 PM
Well if you are so am I. Most recent addiction is SSX Tricky but I drag out my megadrive to play games like Quackshot, Ranger X and Sonic 1 quite regularly. Whatever you say about the new consoles there really is no beating damn playable games.

Monty Mike
February 23rd, 2005, 06:27 PM
For me it's mainly the Final Fantasy games. I'm on my third time through FFX just now (though I'v not played in a while), and still play VII quite regularly. PC wise, games like Diablo 2 never get old, and I've recently started a new Druid character (my favourite class). For quite some time Pro Evoltion Soccer 4 was a game I played daily, that is until I lent it to someone and never got it back. Then there's other sport ones such as Virtual Tennis 2 which kicked ass and was extremely challenging. I remember Mario 64 and Goldeneye used to get played for days on end, also Spiro for the Playstation was a big favourite.

Then comes my addiction to Pokemon. Especially the Ruby/Sapphire version, which I have 5 level 100s on and a total game time of over 200 hours. All in that little cartridge (I even did a review on it). Damn good games.

Regarding the SNES, games like Mario and Duck Hunt were great fun. I can also remember the GhostBusters game which was released when I was like 8 or something (it was probably about then that I got hooked to gaming). On the NES, Street Fighter was my favourite, and Mario Karts also deserve a mention.

Tactic games (eg Onimusha or Final Fantasy Tactics) are ones that I find myself playing over and over. It's really handy that they're on the GBA as well, as it allows me to take it on long train trips, etc. In fact, RPGs in general are all I need to be satisfied, although Samurai Warriors would be the one exception. However I'd happily have my collection consist of the games mentioned above. Obviously new games are always coming out, so I doubt I could stick to that statement very long. Diablo 3 is at the top of my HUGE EXPECTATION list, even though it's likely to be another few years in the development.

February 23rd, 2005, 07:02 PM
Oh good call on Goldeneye, that will live forever as the best multiplayer game in history.

Soon Lee
February 23rd, 2005, 07:21 PM
I'm still playing MORROWIND

February 23rd, 2005, 10:07 PM
Damn it monty_mike, now I feel like playing final fantasy again. i've only got VIII though... guess I better wash the dust off of the old playstation...

Monty Mike
February 24th, 2005, 05:58 AM
FFVIII wasn't as good as the rest IMO, so if you liked it you should love the others. I'd deffinately recommend VII and X, also IX is very good. They can be picked up cheap as hell, although VII might have to be bought online.

Of course when I say VIII isn't as good as the rest that doesn't mean I think it's a bad game, just compared to the other Final Fantasies (who are centuries ahead of most RPGs).

Anyway, what I'm tying to say is BUY THEM!! :D

Also, to be honest I was never big on the 2D ones....

February 24th, 2005, 06:05 AM
Daggerfall. This game became my life for a couple of years. Despite being bugged to hell, the game was epic and to a young 14-year-old who lived and breathed fantasy, it was like living a seperate life. I dread to think how many hours I pumped into it. I bought it when it came out (1996 I think) and I played it as recently as last year. It's somewhat dated now and I know quite a few tricks (like how to join the mages' guild and attain the top rank in a single day) but is still such a fun game. The visuals, music, design...brings back good memories. :)

I think this was one of the reasons I never got into Morrowind - many people like me wanted a Daggerfal #2 just with updated graphics and gameplay but what we got - although very good - was not quite what we wanted. Must try and play Morrowind...I've tried several times and each time find it too slow in terms of gameplay... :(

Apart from Daggerfall, I'm still playing warcraft. Horrendously addictive. :o

February 24th, 2005, 06:48 AM
I'm still hanging out for starcraft 2... none of this ghost shenanigans. Yeah... and I can imagine warcraft holding my interest for quite some time...

February 24th, 2005, 08:06 AM
Starcraft 2 is allegedly in the works.