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May 23rd, 2001, 01:02 PM
I meant to post this earlier here but forgot.

Some of you will no doubt be interested in iPublish, since it provides writers circles and critiques with the bonus of possible publication. It's a great community atmosphere.

There has recently been a lot of warnings about it however, because of their contract.

It's too much to write up here, so I'm just going to put up the links to the news items I have about it. They go to my site, sorry, but there isn't anywhere else on the net that they're all collected together.

iPublish launch http://silver-oak.com/news/news.asp?ID=68

Authors Guild warns about iPublish Contract http://silver-oak.com/news/news.asp?ID=78

iPublish respond to Authors Guild slam http://silver-oak.com/news/news.asp?ID=79

An analysis of the contract http://silver-oak.com/news/news.asp?ID=83