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March 4th, 2005, 03:40 PM
Any ideas...

Future company sends soldier type to a crystalline world inhabited by silicon based life. He is supposed to exploit the world but ends up "going native". Many types of silicon based creatures with laser and acid based defenses...intelligent inhabitants utilize crystal creatures as living technology...some are half carbon based half silicon based...blah, blah...

I thought Niven wrote it but it doesn't seem to be. :cool:

Thanks for the help

March 4th, 2005, 04:24 PM
Sentenced to Prism by Alan Dean Foster

SENTENCED TO PRISM is another stand-alone in the Commonwealth milieu. A secret research post on the newly-discovered planet called Prism has suddenly gone silent. Prism offers enormous possibilities for exploitation and profit, because it's a world of silicon-based lifeforms which are easily manipulated. The Company that owns the station calls on its resident troubleshooter, Evan Orgell, and sends him to investigate. For his job, Orgell is equipped with a very advanced exo-suit that has an AI main computer and a variety of useful features and functions. Unfortunately, it turns out that Prism is much more complicated than anyone suspected. Before he solves the mystery of the station, Evan will lose his suit and a bit of himself, and make some new friends among the intelligent species that inhabit the planet.


March 4th, 2005, 04:45 PM
You da man!. Thanks much...been buggin' me for a while.

How about this one....

Very far in the future...earth is inhabited by immortal humans that have their every thought granted. One "young" person figures out how to time travel back and inexplicably "pops" back into his original time when he is killed back in the past, (but he has no understanding about death).
Story ends when the future humans delay another species who is traveling the galaxy warning other civilizations that the galaxy is "crunching".."ending" or otherwise destroying itself.

A train was on the cover and it seems to have played a role in the story.

March 5th, 2005, 10:59 AM
Not much luck so far, but I'll look.

March 5th, 2005, 12:21 PM
The train on the cover makes me think that it might be THE CELESTIAL STEAM LOCOMOTIVE, by Michael G. Coney, but the description doesn't seem to match. This was the first volume of THE SONG OF EARTH, so maybe it was a later volume...

March 7th, 2005, 05:03 PM
Thanks all...I'm still lookin' too