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April 10th, 2001, 05:03 PM
Hiyas everyone,
My turn to introduce myself. Firstly my name is Jeff. I'm a 24 yr old web developer from Pennsylvania. I have yet to write anything on paper, but, since I was about 8 years old I've been creating stories in my head everynight to help me to go to sleep. Now, I think its about time for me to start putting things on paper to share with the world. I'd say I'm strictly fantasy as far as writing goes. Though I read everything in fiction and non-fiction I can get my hands on. My latest read was Stephen Kings "Bag of Bones" Excellant book to those who like his work. Well time for me to end this and head to bed and create tonights story. Once again, Hi from PA! And Good night.

April 11th, 2001, 01:12 AM
I do the same as well, I'm always creating stories in my head. Though I'm just thinking of a good story that I can put on paper at the moment. But the big problem for me is were to start once I've got the story in my mind.

April 11th, 2001, 03:53 AM
I have the same problem. I think about starting by describing the surrounding area, or maybe starting with the main character. Oh I don't know.

April 11th, 2001, 05:25 AM
Some advice that I find myself giving to all new writers, subscribe to Writer’s Digest magazine. I know a lot of the information does not relate to fiction writers, let alone sci fi and fantasy writers, but I found numerous articles that helped me. Although I do not currently subscribe to the magazine (after a few years it tends to get repetitive), I think it is a wonderful help to new writers.

If you read a lot of books, notice the small things. Notice how the published writers start books, notice how they convey information, notice how they describe rooms, towns, or people, notice the words they use & the range of their vocabulary, notice how they deal with uneventful parts of the story such as travel, and maybe most important notice what they do NOT say. You can learn a lot from reading books, but you need to be careful to retain your originality.

The last bit of advice is to writer for yourself. The market can be fickle and rejection isn’t necessarily a reflection on wether the story is “good”. Sometimes rejection is a reflection of the marketability of the story. Knowing the difference and being able to spot it in your own work takes time, experience and an open mind. And when you do get published, it is very likely that you’ll not get paid much. Many sci fi / fantasy writers have day jobs. Several years ago the standard fee for a book from a first time author was $10,000.00. Which may seem like a lot until you take into consideration the time you spent writing the book. In the end it usually works out to be less than minimum wage.

At any rate, good luck and welcome to this wonderful site.

By the way, do you have freaky dreams? I'd do the same thing before getting to sleep and I'd always have really weird dreams. http://www.sffworld.com/ubb/biggrin.gif Funny thing is I still remember a lot of those dreams.

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April 11th, 2001, 07:36 AM
Welcome! :0)

I'd love to read something you've written - when you get that far.

(And btw, I do that too &lt;g&gt; but my imagination is usually the most active early in the mornings.... http://www.sffworld.com/ubb/wink.gif


April 11th, 2001, 11:37 AM
Yes I do have wacky dreams! And I mean strange ones too. Absolutly nothing like what I fall asleep to. For instance last night I fell asleep creating a Rogue/Thief Main character and was picturing him in my head, then creating more and more detail for him. Then in my dream I don't remember it clearly but I do know I was talking to a cow and it was talking back. Strange =) I wonder just how many people create story's before going to bed. I asked my wife about it but she thinks I'm crazy! =) Well back to apartment hunting. Hmm that gives me an idea... Anyone else think of writing a horror story about their mother inlaws? LOL Have fun!

Strange Angel
April 30th, 2001, 07:58 AM
I know how you feel. The other night, I dreamed I was hanging out with the characters from 'Friends' and there was this skeezy-looking guy who wanted to seduce all six of them. Then, for some reason, I had to fly off (like Superman) and beat up Santa Claus, because he had turned evil and was distributing pornography, weapons, and drugs to children from a flying semi-truck.

Anyway, one of the things I have found is that everything every writing professor or published author has told me is true. You have to write every day, and you have to be obnoxiously peristent to get anywhere.

www.fool-cola.com (http://www.fool-cola.com)

May 28th, 2001, 11:54 AM
"This is how I start:
I put all my old loveletters, diaries, exampapers, photoalbums, all my newspaperclippings of reviews and interviews, copies of old tax-returns - all of this I put in a big clay pot. And light it. Then I lay down naked on the floor and put ash on my hands. Draws a gray outline of myself. Stands up. Photographs the outline. Develops the image. Magnefies it to an A4 format. I take hair from my head, hair from my armpits, hair from the chest (not much to brag about), hair from my crotch - and glue it to the outline. Where its supposed to be. I clip the nails on my hands and feet. Glues. I take snot. Glues. I cut myself in the finger. Smears the blood all over the paper. Draws in vains and arteries. I fill a little plasticbag with urin, a bag of sperm and a bag of excrements. Staples it on. I fold the paper until it looks like a bird. With the help of a Facit 1620 typewriter I will now, in the weeks to come, try to blow life and strange dreams into this bird. And the most difficult of all: teach it to fly. This bird will have no cage. Will this still be a closed book? It depends on how you hold it in your hand.

- T. Å. Bringsvær "


May 31st, 2001, 08:19 AM
Sorry about this guys, but one of our members was freaking out because there are 666 post in this writing forum, so I decided to put his mind at rest and make it 667...

June 14th, 2001, 12:02 AM
you get wierd dreams from thinking before sleeping? i also wondered why my dreams were so nutty. maybe i should stop thinking - i mean when a dream about racing people in a town square that's lined with beds and the race is the style of freestyle starting both ends and water comes out the tap hot for a milo you pay for with lolly snakes, when it's one of my tamer dreams i think i should worry.
And yes i did actually dream that, i didn't make it up.