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  1. The Business Rusch: Changing Times

  2. Andols' World: Map of Hope

    I have constructed a map of Hope and attached it here. But the blog does not allow SVG files, so I attached .txt to the end. To see it, you have to download it and remove the .txt, after which it can be viewed with a SVG application.
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  3. Geography of Andols' World

    Here is all that I could find from the "SFFworldia: world building project - The absolute basics" thread.

    Did I miss anything?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
    Two land masses drawn together by an ancient land bridge that is only exposed once every thousand years. One continent ruled by magic, the other based on more rustic science and technology.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andols View Post
    I think that idea has a lot of potential. I still wouldnt want to limit the world to just two land masses, but