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  1. Now available

    I really don't have any other way to let folks on this site know about the release of my novel than to a shameless post. For here goes:

    My first novel is now available in paperback. For information about my novel, go to To pre-order the book, visit
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  2. Did I write a gaming novel?

    About six weeks ago I released my first novel, Aure the Topaz, book 1 of the Aglaril Cycle.

    Since then I've gotten feedback from readers (friends of mine) who say this is a gaming novel. And while I understand that fantasy RPG players will probably pick up a few ideas on how to play and react to situations (GMs too, btw), I don't know that I would call it a gaming novel.

    The argument for it being a gaming novel is that the characters have classes like in D&D. But ...
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  3. How much description is enough?

    I recently had an interesting lesson on how much description is enough.

    My writing group reviewed the first chapter of my novel. One of the reviewers suggested that I start with the dialog I had, skipping all the description I had written to set the scene.

    I then posted the chapter in several places on the web and got the same reaction. Given this, I decided there was something to these comments so I revised the first three paragraphs and reposted the chapter.

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  4. It's an uphill climb, isn't it?

    As my work on my first novel draws to close, I've begun to look at the options for publication. One of the things I discovered was that even if I can sell the book to a publishing house, there's a good chance I'll still need to promote it myself because money is tight and, as I understand it, many houses aren't promoting first-time authors as much.

    That said, it seems to me that I need to be novelist, marketing guru, artist, web designer, cinematographer, podcaster, blogger, and several ...

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  5. Do blogs really work?

    That's the question. I guess the answer is it depends. It depends on who is writing, whether readers can find it, does it have anything interesting to say.

    I will be interested to see if this one works, if I get comments back, etc.

    I ask only because I've been thinking to publish my first book as blog if it doesn't sell. I suppose that putting the horse behind the cart. I'll investigate that possibility if it comes to that.

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