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  1. Now available

    I really don't have any other way to let folks on this site know about the release of my novel than to a shameless post. For here goes:

    My first novel is now available in paperback. For information about my novel, go to To pre-order the book, visit
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  2. Did I write a gaming novel?

    About six weeks ago I released my first novel, Aure the Topaz, book 1 of the Aglaril Cycle.

    Since then I've gotten feedback from readers (friends of mine) who say this is a gaming novel. And while I understand that fantasy RPG players will probably pick up a few ideas on how to play and react to situations (GMs too, btw), I don't know that I would call it a gaming novel.

    The argument for it being a gaming novel is that the characters have classes like in D&D. But ...
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  3. How many fantasy categories do we need?

    I was on Duotrope the other day looking for a market for one of my short stories and was completely frustrated and confused by all the categories for fantasy stories they list. But they aren't to blame. They are only a reflection of the markets they serve. But it makes me think, how many categories do we need?

    They list the following (this is not a complete list)
    contemporary, dark fantasy, gothic, heroic, light fantasy, urban, science, magic realism, and historical. They ...

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  4. Mixing SF and Fantasy

    I've got a friend who thinking I can't (or shouldn't) mixing SF and Fantasy elements in the same story. I disagree. I would be interested in other opinions. But some background first.

    I wrote a short story -- a SF story -- about how a scout ship discovered a world (primitive by the ship's standards) using armor,swords, horses -- the whole medieval bit.

    This world is my fantasy world in which I've set many stories. The plan is to have characters from the world of the ...

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