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  1. The most rude comment

    Despite being in the midst of a great war, I recieved a rather uncanny letter today by way of Lord Karagan. It read thus:

    I can quite confidently state you've
    got more talent than Stephanie Meyer. 'Tis true, and as crap as she is, that's
    more than a large proportion of FFnet can say.

    As for hunting for good things to say about the fic: I can't say I like
    fantasy novels of the generic sub-Tolkien kind, and I can't say I like
    unoriginal romance.
  2. The Mysterious Elidhu

    I've made my way out of the Innail Fesse, though not without a few blunders. Passing through a small mountainous village north of Innail proved difficult, even with a glimveil. The people there seemed to stirr when I creapt by, as if they could feel my presence even though they couldn't see me. I later found out that it was not I that created such a reaction.

    It was late at night, a cold wind blowing down from Osidh Annova into the Weywood before me. I was thankful for my heavy cloak, ...
  3. Leaving Innail

    Dernhil loophole blog #3:

    It's been a few more days since I last wrote. My head is beginning to clear, and my health is returning. After Anhil departed with my "remains", I received word that most of Innail was in mourning. It brings warmth to my heart to know so many care for me.

    From where I am now, wandering farther from Innail's soild white walls, I wonder what I am leaving behind-there are so many questions I want, need, to ask, and yet there is no one ...
  4. The Truth

    Dernhil loophole blog #2: (this does take place before the Singing, obviously my friends)

    I have long since figured out my situation- it seems with the help of Silvia and Malgorn I have been cured of my deathly state. Perhaps my lack of profient studies in Magery helped me live and yet protect my friends; that is what things appear to be. I hope with all my heart Maerad and Cadvan are alright.

    No one knows I am alive, it seems. Not even my brother Anhil, who was given ...

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  5. Delirium

    (Dernhil Loophole blog #1)

    I awoke this morning in strange white-washed room. I have never felt such peace and quiet, such tranquility before now, and I wonder what has happened. I do not wish to recall my last memory, but it seems it's been floating in and out of my mind.

    Am I dead? I must be...I remember saying the words in the Speech that would render myself deceased. I can remember their intrusion, the pain I felt when they had tried to find information about Maerad, ...

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