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  1. Getting a 15 minute time slot on US Strategic Radio

    I'm getting a 15 minute timeslot on US Strategic Radio at 3pm US Pacific Time on Monday 6 July. To discuss my new book and a few other things.

    That's a respectable 8am Tuesday 7 July here in Canberra, Australia (AEST).

    The link to the Strategic Radio site is:


    Updated July 3rd, 2009 at 11:40 PM by David Scholes (My author site was already shown on an earlier blog.)

  2. Follow up on my recent Publication

    Just a follow up on my new book "Science Fiction and Alternate History - A Collection of Short Stories"

    It's now on many of the major sites such as Amazon, Barnes& Noble, Abe Books, Alibris, Books-a-Million, Booktopia etc.

    I've sent a copy to the reasonably regarded Australian science fiction magazine Aurealis, who have agreed to review it.

    I don't yet have any sales data, but should have access to that some time in the next few days. ...
  3. Just been published in the US

    It's a collection of (predominantly) science fiction short stories with several alternate history stories and two (what I would call) alternate reality stories.

    Entitled "Science Fiction and Alternate History - A Collection of Short Stories" - Strategic Book Publishing, New York are the publishers.

    The link to my authors page on the publishers web site is:


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