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Zelika Loophole Blogs

The story of how Zelika survived and made her way to Annar along with two friends, Irak'gar and Mikerh. As seen from her own eyes, there are quite a few grammar mistakes, though her writing improves with time. In progress.

  1. A Full Day

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #10)

    Just after I left to play tag with Nisrah and Sunara, we came across Hem, Saliman, and Irc. Hem joined in the game almost immediately, and Mik met us and also played.

    Nisrah got in trouble when he bumped into a big, brutish man. Hem helped him but the thug kept attacking us, and he called me a whore. Luckily Saliman arrived and freezed him. Sunara went and found another Bard and they took the man somewhere after he was let out of the spell ...

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    Zelika Loophole Blogs
  2. Anxious But Dealing With It And Also Confused By Love

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #9)

    Why has Hem not arrived yet?! It has been weeks and there is no sign of him! I am worried that he maybe encountered trouble. What if a dogsoldier or something else killed him? And after all our worrying for each other! If he takes three more days I will go and look for him myself!

    He told me of his older sister Maerad. What kind of a sister would not go and guide her little brother?! I would do that for Nisrah any day.

    But there ...
  3. A Letter

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #8)

    I sent a letter to Hem today, since a man named Nelac told me he had recently seen him there. I met Nelac because he was giving Sunara a private lesson about Bard things. He does not teach much anymore, he says he is getting too old, but he taught my sister a little. He said he came from Innail and I asked if Hem was there and he said yes. So I sent a letter. Here is what I writed:


    I have arrived in Lirigon. I am staying
  4. Lirigon

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #7)

    Nisrah and Sunara are alive.

    They sit with me as I write, my brother and sister. They are both scarred terribly, and Sunara still limps from a leg wound, but they are alive and safe and with me. I do not care about Irak'gar or Mikerh right now. I do not even care about Hem and Saliman and the others. I have some family left and I will not let them go.

    There is more. Sunara was so confused when we found her. She told us animals ...
  5. Arrival in Annar

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #6)

    Annar is a beautiful place. We arrived today, and I love it already. It is a little bit cooler than the Suderain, so I wear long sleeved shirts and tunics now. It is still spring so some days are bit coldish. Mik is silly. He is skinny and weak to cold but he still wears the same shirt all the time. And it has short sleeves. He has a cold now. I warned him but he listen not.

    We see a few children looking dazed. Some wandered this far from ...
  6. Turbansk!

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #5)

    Finally we have arrived! The damage is much little to what we thought. Some buildings are almost intact! I finded Saliman's Bardhouse, and it is standing, though Hem's room caved in. We stay now to repair it. I hope Saliman will thank me when we meet. Irak'gar is strong now that we eaten more and we are not stick-thin. I are strong too, but he is big and I is small. Our other friend, Mikerh, is not strong enough to help yet.

    I forget to talk ...

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    Zelika Loophole Blogs
  7. Annaren Lessons

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #4)

    Annaren Lessons are boring. They help. But they are boring. My friend Irak'gar teach me Annaren while we ride to Turbansk. I still make mistakes.

    We are a day from Turbansk now. We fighted more dogsoldiers and one their beasts, but we are okay. I think Hem is in Annar now, so maybe I do not see him or Saliman in Turbansk, but I hope so.

    The land is healing. We see birds, real animals, and Bard roads being used again. We maybe ...

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    Zelika Loophole Blogs
  8. Bad Memories

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #3)

    I having nightmares. We are at Baladh now, and there is a rebuilt inn. But mostly every night I have nightmares of the place being destroyed. Fire, death, screaming. I see as if it is yesterday.

    I thinked when I get back to Suderain that I stay in Baladh and restore it after seeing Turbansk but I think now I not stay. Too many memories are here.

    Tomorrow we get horses and leave for Turbansk.

    ~Zelika of the House ...

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    Zelika Loophole Blogs
  9. Traveling Is Boring.

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #2)

    That is all we do. Travel. A Bard is with me, he helps teach me Annaren. He knows many languages. He correct my spelling mistakes but not grammar. But I learn.

    We fighted a dogsoldier. It looked lost, and I think it attacked us because it was scared. It is strange. Den Raven is empty. There are people, former slaves, but most slaves are with the Black Army, what a passing bird said. Some are rebuilding because they know the Hulls are gone and ...

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    Zelika Loophole Blogs
  10. I Am Not Dead.

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #1)

    What the title says. I am not dead. I know little Annaren and I try to write this in Annaren. I make lots of mistakes, but I try, and if you do not like, not read. I tell my story soon of how I am not dead, but this is for a introduction.

    ~Zelika of the House of Il Aran

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    Zelika Loophole Blogs