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  1. Stolen!

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #11)

    Hahaha! Look what I did! I found Zelika's journal! She will be so mad when she sees this... but it's worth it! I am tricky.

    --Nisrah of the House of Il Aran
  2. A Full Day

    (Zelika Loophole Blog #10)

    Just after I left to play tag with Nisrah and Sunara, we came across Hem, Saliman, and Irc. Hem joined in the game almost immediately, and Mik met us and also played.

    Nisrah got in trouble when he bumped into a big, brutish man. Hem helped him but the thug kept attacking us, and he called me a whore. Luckily Saliman arrived and freezed him. Sunara went and found another Bard and they took the man somewhere after he was let out of the spell ...

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