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  1. It Is Done

    I can feel the weight of the Nameless One's darkness lifted from Edil-Amarandh.

    And, thank the Light, none of our small company perished in our quest for the Treesong. Saliman came very close, but thanks to Hem, he is still with us and has returned to good health.

    Maerad had me worried for a time with her visions, but it was meant to happen, and the dead, I'm sure, helped her to battle Sharma.

    Now that my journey is over, I'm rather ...
  2. Lullabies, Busk and Nerili

    Being out to sea for so long has made me realize how much I value dry land. It also...revealed to me, certain aspects of Maerad's powers. While sailing, we came upon a Stormdog...the beast was effectively soothed by a lullaby sung by my young student. Needless to say I was shocked. I'm delighted that we weren't killed by the creature, of course, but so much power held by one person - one untrained person - could prove dangerous if not handled carefully.

    I write this entry while amidst ...
  3. Norloch

    Seeing Nelac again brought me indescribable peace...and since he healed me the night we arrived, it has felt as if a heavy burden has been lifted from my weary shoulders.

    I am greatly worried about the Council, however. I would hate to see Maerad have her hopes dashed after so much toil and hardship on her part. Saliman will be there, though, and he is a skilled diplomat. I, however, detest politics and I doubt I'll be much help in convincing Enkir to allow Maerad to become my sole ...
  4. Wounds and Past Scars

    It has been quite a time since our encounter with Likud in The Broken Teeth...but his words still travel with me. The scars around my eye from his whip do not burn or pierce as deep as the memories he resurrected.

    And of course there is the matter of Maerad slaying the foul servant of the all honesty, I must admit that her power frightens me.

    ~ Cadvan of Lirigon
  5. Travelling

    It has been a tiresome journey ever since we passed the Landrost's lair.

    Thank the Light Maerad was with me back there, otherwise I would probably be dead now.

    *sighs* She's a riddle...that girl. A slave who turns out to be a Bard, who then in turn reveals that she is one of the survivors of the Sack of Pellinor.

    Perhaps I'll never figure her out, but I intend to try...

    ~Cadvan of Lirigon
  6. I Can't Believe She's Gone...

    Ceredin is dead. Her blood is on my hands...and I can only wish I had died too.

    How could I have been such a proud fool? I killed the woman of my dreams and have wounded Dernhil, my closest friend.

    If I should die today, I will accept such punishment gladly. I shall never forgive myself, and no I am endebted to Nelac for pleading on my behalf. Someday...I will make it up to the people of Edil-Amarandh or I shall die in the agony of knowing that I am a murderer.

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  7. I Am Cadvan of Lirigon

    Greetings, fellow Bards and wielders of the Light.

    Today was absolutely deplorable! I can't believe how Dernhil humiliated me so before the entire School! Now everyone will be making snide remarks about it until I'm buried and suffocated beneath them.

    Goodbye, pride!

    Not to mention "goodbye, reputation!" I'll be the laughing stock of all the Bards, and of course Dernhil will bask in his praise.

    Ah...but I bore you, don't I? Hmmm...I ...