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  1. Actually the fight

    After Terra is kicked off
    T; she has a right to know
    v3; know what the results aren't back yet there is no proof that she is my daughter
    T; no proof other than she is half human half whatever the heck she is and she looks just like the morphs alloran was using at the time.
    v3; if there was a morph there was a human too she could be just that humans child or not evn that they could just look alike
    T; and the powers
    v3; the human could have been a popular ...
  2. sorry

    ok sorry the fight was actaully a random dialouge and not from my note book which is my main but not complete basis. So i was going to write about the fight between tom and visser but didn't sorry
  3. the fight

    t;what the heck they left me
    zi;i'm sure they didn't mean to
    t; *stares flatly* tom literal command was >kicks Terra off<
    zi; oh well i bet it was important
    t; sure it was sure it was
    zi;so are you comming
    t; yeah but probably not for long
    zi; why
    t;the aliens will probably take me away
  4. terra and visser

    v3; Terra how do i get you out of school
    t; you don't i stay in school you go back off to your creepy alien planet and everyone's happy
    v3; hardly
    t;really? mabey you should try after all your usually wrong
    v3; am i
    t; yes you thought i would be a volentery controller you thought earth would be easy to take controll of you thought
    v3; stop your distracting me
    t; i'm just stopping an evil plot that won't work
    v3:honestly this is to help you ...
  5. list of characters

    real name screen name
    Terra t(tom's gf)
    Tom T(Terra's bf)
    Roxanne Roxi(the real me)
    (story users)
    Terra Madalin Park Temp
    The council Tctt(yeerk government)
    of thirteen
    Visser3 V3
    visser1 V1
    ESplin 1263 e1263(yeerks fake name)
    Tom Th (human ...
  6. random story

    ok so this is my stroy it consists of animorphs possible random names from the singing series (sorry i don't know the official name) dragons fire and ice, tenn titans, and kinda twilight (but just names).

    very important the stroy is told through dialogue not through actual interaction so there. and most importantly if you diss nickelback on the forum you will die not even kidding.

    this is basicaly a forum in of itself then ...