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  1. Chapter One(1) Ice Cherry:Helene

    February when snow began to thraw was the blossom of ice cherries.Flowers of ice cherries were whiter than snow and more crystalline than ice.If you stood far enough,you would find that the flowers looked like clouds.When wet cold wind blew,world was suffused with scent and petals flew everywhere. So after snowing,it rained flowers here.
    A petal fell in my right hand,and gradually dissolved.
    I knew,Helene would appeared under the oldest ice cherry tree.

    Helene ...
  2. Jatia Gods Era(1)

    Writer's Words
    Well,I am not English native speaker.If I make some mistkes in my first novel,please help me find it out.Thank you very much.
    When all things become the past,I am still here.
    I am waiting for you.
    Wait for your rebirth,wait for the day I meet you again.
  3. Just say something

    As you can see,I am just a little girl who love dreaming very much.Maybe I can't write a worderful novel,but I will never give up my dream.I just love reading,and I just keep writing.