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N. E. White

  1. Open to Submissions - 2014

    Wars to End All Wars

    Alternate Tales From The Trenches

    There are many worlds and many histories, but The Great War happened in all of them.

    A complex web of events, both great and small, lead to a conflict of unimagined proportion, scope, and duration, and left the Worlds reeling in its wake. Wars to End All Wars - Alternate Tales From The Trenches is an anthology of speculative fiction re-imagining the causes, actions, and effects of the Great War, and the stories
  2. Open to Submissions

    Unlucky/Lucky 13: Will your luck hold-out in 2013?

    The number 13 can mean different things to different people. In some cultures, the number is auspicious, heralding the blessings of the gods. In western culture, the opposite is true: youíre more likely to run afoul with the cosmos.

    Whether unlucky or lucky, that number is significant.

    I am looking for stories that feature the number 13. Whether that means your protagonist is 13 years old and has their ...

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  3. The End - Visions of Apocalypse

    Upcoming announcements for the (unofficial) anthology will be posted here.

    Check back on December 15th, 2012 for the link to our free, story story anthology featuring Michael J Sullivan, Hugh Howey, Tristis Ward, and nine other awesome authors!

    The world may end, but you won't be disappointed.
  4. Anthology Voting Thread: Fire

    Hey Folks who spend time over here and not in the forums! We have a little contest going on. I will be epublishing a short anthology about the end of the world in December. Along with nine other stories already included in the anthology, three of the stories below will be chosen - by you! If you are so inclined, please peruse the list and then submit your votes!

    Quote Originally Posted by tmso View Post
    Hello Everyone,

    We are entering the last stages of this rather complicated anthology process I thought would
  5. Spambot attack

    We are cleaning up the blog section, please bear with us.
  6. A Picture of My Dog Because He's Cute

    This is an old one, and a bit fuzzy, but it captures his spirit so well. Who could resist those big, floppy ears?
  7. How not to be *that* writer

    The other day on my Wordpress blog, I posted about what we moderators do here at Specifically, I wanted to let other folks just like me (new writers) know what they shouldn't do on discussions forums.

    Below is an excerpt and below that are my initial thoughts on our new Promotion Zone.

    ******************************* is a place to read and talk about genre (Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror/Speculative/Whatever-You-Want-To-Call-It) ...
  8. I am not a ****.

    The other day on my other blog, I posted about the Writerís Digest pass give away for the 2012 San Franciscoís Writers Conference (this week!).

    In order to qualify for the give away, one simply had to post about it at least two times on social networks. A blog is an acceptable social network. As is Twitter and Facebook. And thatís pretty much it.

    They did mention if you didnít have access to those social networks you could get your friends to Tweet or post to Facebook, ...
  9. Cloning

    No, this isn't a post about those kind of clones, but the blogging kind of clone...did that make sense?

    Anyway, just stopping by to say I will start copying my Wordpress blog posts here.


    To share the madness!

    Stay tuned for introspective ramblings, writing tips and observations, and a bit of my fumbling fiction.

  10. Anybody home?

    You've got cobwebs everywhere...and just look at those dust bunnies!

    Oh, look. We've got visitors...

    Hard to believe more than a year has gone by since I first thought about putting an anthology together of all the winning entries of this forum's Flash Fiction Contests. As it is unlikely that will happen in the foreseeable future, I thought I'd at least keep my list of the winners going.

    To increase budding author awareness, I was thinking of posting ...
  11. Wanted: Writing Buddy

    I had a writing buddy. Once (sniff). No more.

    I am a MAWW (middle-aged wannabe writer) looking for another MAWW. I have a basic grasp of grammar and story construction, but am still in the learning phase. I am currently a third of my way through my first attempt at a novel.

    I would like:
    • someone who is at the same level as myself
    • someone I can bounce ideas off of
    • someone to receive/give support for daily, weekly, or monthly writing goals
    • someone
  12. No time like the present

    to realize that I'll never be a writer.

    Thought I'd revive this here blog of mine with some introspective thoughts. One that has been circling the brain over the weekend has been the above.

    It's snowing at the moment (yes, it's May and I live in California and it is snowing) and that always gets me in a contemplative mood. Usually, I contemplate going for a ski. But this time of year, really, all I want to do is go for a run. The wet snow is not inviting.
  13. No Go

    FYI - It appears that the anthology project is a no-go at the moment.

    But, something else just as exciting is percolating in my realm. Something that may be just as cool.

    I'll keep you all posted.
  14. Geographic Information Systems

    Allow me to educate the masses:

    GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems

    A GIS is what is behind all those maps used in GPS navigation systems, as well as online mapping services (sort of) like Google, MapQuest, etc.

    Government and private agencies use GIS to manage property, projects, processes, assets, trends, you name it. In all sorts of fields. My particular field of study is Fire Ecology and Natural Resource Management (yes, they must be capitalized). ...

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  15. Quick, funky map of flash fic fanatics

    Can click on image above for higher res image...

    Updated November 30th, 2009 at 12:56 PM by N. E. White

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