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  1. expatrie's Avatar
    Must be the engineer in me. I was figuring it was fibro+. You know, something new and improved.
  2. Eldanuumea's Avatar
    Yep, Brian. That's been done several times. It's definitely fibromyalgia.......wish it was thyroid, because that could be fixed.
  3. expatrie's Avatar
    Fatigue- have you had your thyroid checked and vetted?

  4. Erfael's Avatar
    I can't disagree with this in any way.
  5. Eldanuumea's Avatar
    Thanks tmso, we have yet to meet, I think. And if I figure out how to do that - let stuff go - I'll broadcast it loud and clear!

    In Carey's world, Terre d'Ange is indeed where France would be. If you look at her map, Alba is Britain, Skaldia is Germany, Serenissima is Venice, etc. Her fantasy world is like an or reimagined history of Europe, Asia Minor, and Africa.
  6. expatrie's Avatar
    "to let go of things I should have let go of years ago"

    When you figure that one out, take notes and let me know. I could use a clue.


    And I learned something today. Terre d'Ange is NOT in France somewhere.
  7. N. E. White's Avatar
    Welcome back. I look forward to your participation on (in?) this forum.
  8. Gkarlives's Avatar
    Hey, I recently posted the bulk of my collection on Library Thing and I was thinking that I would have more fantasy than Scifi but I was wrong. Of course I was the one who set up the tags for the books but I think I was fair with the labels. I came out about even. Like you, I thought I was reading more fantasy than Scifi. You might be suprised if you sort out your books.
  9. Eldanuumea's Avatar
    Gkarlives, that's a good word, one to remember. All we can do is keep moving one day at a time.

    And the daughter I mentioned above? The disappointment is not with her, but for her. I miss her so much, and want her future to be bright with promise. She just has to find her way on her own terms, and I can only let her be free. She has a beautiful soul, and I just have to trust in her personal journey.
  10. Gkarlives's Avatar
    It is hard to keep going. I understand the feeling all to well when I face the thought of saying my mind on my blog sight. You just want so desparately to get through to people, but in the end all you can do is keep trying. I think that is all God asks of you. Just keep going.
  11. Eldanuumea's Avatar
    Thanks, Mark. He is home from school today and feeling much, much better. Apparently Levaquil is quite a high-powered antibiotic. It ought to cost 60 bucks for seven pills - and that's with insurance!!

  12. Hobbit's Avatar
    Hope this is all less than it first appeared, Elda. Best to you and hubby.