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  1. The Caveman Conspiracy

    I've wanted to find the perfect form for telling stories for some time. I noticed some times of scenes and sequences worked better as text, some worked better as images, and some worked better with a combination of both. Traditional prose, novels, short stories, and novellas are perfect for the first type of scenes, and comic books are perfect for the second and third type. But what about stories with all three? Almost every story ...
  2. My new novel is finally out!

    My new novel Power Trip (a Wandering Koala tale) is finally out in paperback and all eBook formats! After working on it for two years, I was beginning to wonder if it would ever see the light of day, but it has.

    Here is a brief synopsis:

    René thinks he’s hit the jackpot!

    After six months of no luck following college, he finds the perfect job with excellent benefits at The Power ...
  3. One more character design

    Here's one more character design I thought I'd share from the Jak Phoenix universe. Enjoy!

  4. A couple more characters

    Matt, the author of Jak Phoenix, liked the other sketches so well, he commissioned several more. Here are two of the more interestingly looking characters who, unfortunately, have very little to do in the book.

    These were drawn with a crowquill pen that I haven't used in a long while (I've been favoring the brush of late). I colored them in Corel Painter X, the greatest graphics program I have yet used.
  5. A few character sketches

    A fellow indie author asked me to do a few sketches of characters in his novel, Jak Phoenix. It's an old fashioned space opera romp. I just thought I'd share here for anyone interested.
  6. Another great review

    It's always nice to get a positive review from a reader.

    Isabella Morales, who describes herself as a selective connoisseur of 8th-grade reading level fiction, recently read and reviewed my first novel, and it was great to hear what she said. Good comments are as helpful as bad comments--the good ones tell you what you are doing right and should keep doing.

    Here is just one of the highlights:

    "Thomason’s prose is clean and colorful, but not condescending ...
  7. Midwest Book Review "highly recommended" The Scientific Method

    Midwest Book Review reviewed my first novel and called it "a choice pick of science fiction, highly recommended."

    Read the full review here:

  8. SF Book Reviews gave "The Scientific Method" a solid 4 stars

    Antony at recently reviewed my first novel The Scientific Method (a Wandering Koala tale) and made several keen observations:

    "lots of energy and a unique style"

    "The story itself is intelligently laid out, managing to avoid the pitfall of appearing patronizing and dumbing down which so often plagues the YA market."

    "I particulary liked the ending, ...
  9. What constitutes GOOD Science Fiction?

    This is a question I've been pondering for a while. Recently on some site I noticed a science fiction group, and the only requirement was the books had to be science fiction. Then they proceeded to give an odd definition. This isn't the first time I've heard the topic discussed, so I thought I'd throw in my two bits, but instead of defining science fiction, I thought I'd tackle good science fiction. After all, who wants ...
  10. Science Fiction Predictions gone awry

    In the news today Europe is struggling to deal with their financial crisis and the Euro continues to loose ground against other currencies. It made me think of a SciFi story I recently read where they would only accept Euros, because the US dollar had become worthless. We certainly aren't seeing that happen. That made me think of other scientific predictions which writers had made that didn't pan out.

    In the 20th Century, stories about overpopulation and the inevitable famine were ...
  11. Is the agency model good for consumers and publishers?

    Recently, Smashwords, the largest distributor of independent eBooks, announced they had renegotiated their contracts with Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Sony to follow the agency model instead of the wholesale model. When Amazon launched the Kindle a few years ago, they used the wholesale model which meant the publisher sold the book at a discount to Amazon, then Amazon would sell that book for whatever price they chose to consumers, usually at a loss. When Apple launched their iPad, they popularized ...
  12. My latest comic free for a limited time

    My latest Wandering Koala graphic novel was created especially for eReaders, Tablet PCs, and smart phones and is free for a limited time.

    In Wandering Koala meets the Beast that came for Christmas, it’s Christmas Eve and the residents of Alpine Falls are preparing to celebrate the birth of our Lord. As carolers spread good cheer something else is spreading terror and destruction—and no one is sure why. Only a Silent ...
  13. Expiration Date - a free science fiction short story

    When one thinks of a time machine, he imagines all the exotic adventures he could take. But what if a large firm were to get their hands on one and let its legal and compliance department have a say? How could they foul up a perfectly wonderful invention? One man is about to find out.

    Download your free copy at
  14. Wandering Koala rides The Phantom Coach TPB

    Have you ever had anyone tell you to stay out of an argument because it doesn’t involve you? Do private disputes really stay private, or do they have a larger effect on the world around them? What if a domestic disturbance caused a ghostly disturbance?

    Mike and Angie are just another couple on just another Friday Night date having just another argument. But this time it doesn’t stay between the two of them. This ...
  15. A new eReader-exclusive comic book designed for small screens.

    I've always loved comics, but the cost of printing, distribution, advertising, and senior management benefit packages make them unviable in today's marketplace. Most comics are between $2.99 to $3.99 for a mere 22 pages. Who is going to pay that other than the comic book addicts? There's no room for the marketplace to grow. At least no in print.

    But the eBook movement and the move to smartphones opens up a whole new market and new opportunities. There are no printing costs and minimal ...
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