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  1. My latest comic free for a limited time

    My latest Wandering Koala graphic novel was created especially for eReaders, Tablet PCs, and smart phones and is free for a limited time.

    In Wandering Koala meets the Beast that came for Christmas, it’s Christmas Eve and the residents of Alpine Falls are preparing to celebrate the birth of our Lord. As carolers spread good cheer something else is spreading terror and destruction—and no one is sure why. Only a Silent ...
  2. I've finally finished and published a new comic book

    A couple of weeks ago or so I posted some samples from a comic book that I was working on. It is now finished and available on the Amazon Kindle store. The great thing about Kindle is you can view it on a Kindle, a PC, a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod Touch, and soon on Android devices. It's full color and adapts a chapter from my novel.

    I've posted sample pages on the official website at ...
  3. Working on the second issue of a comic book

    About a year ago I had finished the first issue of a four-issue comic book miniseries. I submitted it to a couple of comic book companies, and after they rejected it, I published it myself ...