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  1. One more character design

    Here's one more character design I thought I'd share from the Jak Phoenix universe. Enjoy!

  2. Midwest Book Review "highly recommended" The Scientific Method

    Midwest Book Review reviewed my first novel and called it "a choice pick of science fiction, highly recommended."

    Read the full review here:

  3. Sign of the 5th Dimension

    I've written and published a new short story. I had a different cover for it, but looked at it and said to myself, what were you thinking. I like this one much better.

    Here's the synopsis:

    Diantha Berg has a new boyfriend, and her best friend is jealous. Until she finds out Diantha is dating a ghost, that is, and then she becomes very worried. But she isn't the only one. Somehow this relationship is ...
  4. The Value of Science Fiction in the Real World

    Some of the greatest books, movies, and stories ever produced were Science Fiction books, movies, and stories. But is Science Fiction good for anything other than entertainment?

    I say Yes! Science Fiction is essential for technological, social, and scientific progress.

    First, Science Fiction inspires inventors, engineers, scientists, and others to create new technologies and to explore new areas of science. It opens one's mind to what is possible. Would scientists today ...