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  1. Sign of the 5th Dimension

    I've written and published a new short story. I had a different cover for it, but looked at it and said to myself, what were you thinking. I like this one much better.

    Here's the synopsis:

    Diantha Berg has a new boyfriend, and her best friend is jealous. Until she finds out Diantha is dating a ghost, that is, and then she becomes very worried. But she isn't the only one. Somehow this relationship is ...
  2. I've finally finished and published a new comic book

    A couple of weeks ago or so I posted some samples from a comic book that I was working on. It is now finished and available on the Amazon Kindle store. The great thing about Kindle is you can view it on a Kindle, a PC, a Mac, an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod Touch, and soon on Android devices. It's full color and adapts a chapter from my novel.

    I've posted sample pages on the official website at ...
  3. Two Science Myths that still show up in Science Fiction

    Just the other day I was reading a science fiction story that had recently been published that used a disproven theory as a plot point. Science fiction readers tend to be smarter than the average reader, so I was a little surprised to see this. Most likely the author believed the theory, because he listened to the news instead of examining the science behind the issues for himself.

    Here are just a few simple observations anyone can make:

    Climate Change

  4. Working on the second issue of a comic book

    About a year ago I had finished the first issue of a four-issue comic book miniseries. I submitted it to a couple of comic book companies, and after they rejected it, I published it myself ...
  5. The Muses Are NOT Amused

    In college I was an English minor. One of the classes I took for it was a creative writing class in which we wrote an essay and a short story. The teacher used a method developed by a guy named Nyberg. You start with a turning point, then write about the scene, then turn it from first person to third person, and create a fictional story from it. I wrote a story and thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Then the file went missing. ...
  6. Scifi readers are smarter than the average bear

    I just finished the first draft of my latest short story, and I've been trying really hard to be more subtle and less heavy handed than I was in my first novel.

    I've spent 8 years in advertising where you need to be as clear and direct as possible to get the message thru because most people are kind of stupid. That's the mindset that I had writing that first novel, and it turned out to be a lot more heavy handed than I meant it to be. I keep forgetting that readers of science fiction ...
  7. Where have all the Short Stories gone?

    I bought a Kindle a year ago, and one of the many things I loved best about it was the selection of short stories I could download for $.59, $.79, or $1.50; stories that were printed in a magazine years ago and haven't been seen since. Stories that I wouldn't even have known about let alone read otherwise. Stories by Charles Sheffield, Kevin J. Anderson, and L. Sprague De Camp that are as good as it gets. And download I did.

    The other day I was browsing the Kindle store to see if ...
  8. Get a FREE copy of my latest short story.

    I've been a huge fan of ebooks ever since I got my Kindle a year ago. It's so much easier to read on a Kindle than on paper. Every book can be a large print edition, and there tends to be a greater selection at much better prices.

    This week is "Read an eBook Week", and to celebrate, I'm offering my latest short story, The Hook (a Wandering Koala tale) as a FREE download for ALL ebook platforms this ...
  9. The Scientific Method

    A few months ago I published my first novel, The Scientific Method (a Wandering Koala tale) as both a paperback book and an eBook. It illustrates the danger of Politics mixing with Science.

    The story begins just after a young accountant discovers the Holy Grail of Science--The Unified Field Theory--a theory physicists have been searching for since Einstein. It will provide new sources of power and other advances only dreamt of before. There's just one on catch: it'll cost a group ...
  10. Hard SF vs. Science Fantasy

    Science Fiction is such a broad category and covers a wide range of stories. Some readers focus on the science of Science Fiction and believe stories should be strictly based on known science, while others focus on the fiction part and think it is fine to take whatever liberties the story requires.

    Both Hard SF and Science Fantasy offer different options to the author and affect the way he tells his story.

    Here are a few advantages and disadvantages to each approach: ...
  11. Borderlands of Science REVIEW

    I've been reading a book called Borderlands of Science by Charles Sheffield. I have loved it and highly recommend it.

    Charles Sheffield was a mathematician and scientist long before he started writing science fiction. Because of this, his stories have much more "hard science" than most other books and stories I've read. This particular book is actually a nonfiction book--a primer on science for the aspiring science fiction writer. But it's a book everyone can benefit from ...
  12. The Value of Science Fiction in the Real World

    Some of the greatest books, movies, and stories ever produced were Science Fiction books, movies, and stories. But is Science Fiction good for anything other than entertainment?

    I say Yes! Science Fiction is essential for technological, social, and scientific progress.

    First, Science Fiction inspires inventors, engineers, scientists, and others to create new technologies and to explore new areas of science. It opens one's mind to what is possible. Would scientists today ...
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