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I am posting my serial -The Colony Chronicles- plus anything else I think up.

  1. Rewriting TCC

    I just posted the last part of The Colony Chronicles that I have written. I had to post it in two parts because it was too long. I have decided to stop here and rewrite the whole thing before going any further with the story. I am not happy with the tone, and there are a few plot points I need to tweak,plus a lot of grammatical errors.

    This has always been a rough draft. It is the first time I have actually gotten this far in actually writing it down, so I know there a lot of problems ...
  2. The Colony Chronicles-Pt.7-Sophie-second half

    “I think we both know the answer to that question. But it doesn’t really matter. The exile order has already been rescinded. And Jessa is not the only Mask that wants you back on Tellus. I had a nice little meeting with Sareela before I came back. She, too, is offering the antidote as enticement. And I believe she truly knows the location. I don’t think you’re going to like the conditions much better than Jessa’s however.”


    “You have to retrieve ...
  3. The Colony Chronicles-Pt.7-Sophie-first half

    Sophie tried to process the information she had just received from her grandfather. Her mother could be brought back to life? Her grandmother too? All morning she had listened to him tell her impossible things. Somehow, they made sense, in a twisted way. She had never felt normal, so being told she was half alien was not as unbelievable as one might assume. She had listened, and let him explain, and she thought she had her emotions under control. But the old anger was bubbling back up. He had swooped ...
  4. The Colony Chronicles-Pt.6-Quentin

    Quentin watched the three young women make their way to the small building in the back yard and sighed to himself. So many questions to answer that would only lead to more questions. How much time did he have before Alasdair returned? How much should he tell Sophie and her friends? So much depended on Alasdair. Could he be trusted? Alasdair had never betrayed him before, but things had changed on Tellus. The little he learned earlier was not promising. He couldn’t help but hope though.
  5. Inventing a new genre

    I have been tagging my serial as a "space opera", but after reading a thread on the subject this afternoon, I realize that is not really the correct term for what I write. Although there will be space travel in the distant future of the storyline, for now everything is happening on two planets. If I read correctly space opera, in general, involves space ships and travel. When I used the term, I was substituting space for soap, as in "soap opera". TCC is basically a fantasy scifi ...
  6. The Colony Chronicles-Pt.5-Alasdair

    Alasdair made his way down the long flight of stairs that led to the secret underground chamber. Few knew of its location, and even fewer dared to enter. But Jessa had arranged to meet him here, and defying her was not in his best interest at the moment. The lower he descended, the cooler the air got, and the darker it became. Reaching the last step, he mumbled a few words, and the lights came on. He took in the scene before him and shuddered. No matter how many times he saw the Sentinels, they ...
  7. The Colony Chronicles-Pt.4-continued

    “The first thing you need to know is that there are two kinds of planets, Techs and Arcanes. A Tech planet obviously embraces technology. Arcane planets primarily use arcanum, which is a type of energy that comes from the planet itself. Most planets have both, but the more of one that is used, the less the other is available. Arcanum interferes with technology working properly, and technology dampens the effects of arcanum. Eventually one wins out over the other, depending on the planet and its ...

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    The Colony Chronicles
  8. The Colony Chronicles-Pt.4

    “I’m not sure where to start.” Quentin looked the three women sitting at his kitchen table and sighed.

    “Well, I think maybe you should start with the not being human thing.” Sophie said.

    “Yes, well, I should clarify that statement. When I said ‘not human’ I should have said ‘not Gaian’, or not from Earth. Genetically speaking, I am not human, but my body, and consequently, yours, is very similar to that of a Gaian, or human, if you will. Your father ...

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    The Colony Chronicles
  9. The Colony Chronicles-Pt.3-Sophie

    Sophie Anderson stared at her mother’s dead body. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. Encased in a clear coffin of what looked to be glass, the only thing she could think of was Sleeping Beauty. Her mother looked like she was sleeping, waiting for her Prince Charming to sweep in and plant a kiss on her lips and wake her up. If only that were true Sophie thought bitterly. Fifteen years had passed since Kira Anderson had been brutally murdered, but she looked as young and beautiful ...

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    The Colony Chronicles
  10. The Colony Chronicles-Pt.2-Quentin

    Quentin looked at the four people seated at his breakfast table and inwardly sighed. He had convinced Sophie and her friends to get a few hours sleep, with the promise that he would provide answers to all their questions when they awoke. Emily and Alasdair both had needed time to recover. Healing was never an easy task, but Alasdair should not have been as drained as he seemed to be. That fact told Quentin that his friend had been doing something to use up his reserves. He had not been able to ...

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    The Colony Chronicles
  11. The Colony Chronicles-Pt.1-Alasdair

    Alasdair the Grey made his way from the small clearing quietly and quickly, making sure he wasn’t being followed. It wouldn’t do for anyone to find out what he was up to just yet. When he was far enough away, he opened a small portal and stepped through. The doorway snapped shut with a hiss behind him, its outline glowing softly in the night. On the other side, no trace of the portal remained, at least he hoped. The way things had been going, he couldn’t be sure. He warded the door so that a stray ...

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    The Colony Chronicles
  12. Newbie in the house

    This is my first blog here even though I joined back in May. No one will read it probably, but I am going to write it like I have an audience.

    I have written only one other blog, and it is on Open Salon. I joined there to read a humorous blog, and before you know I was posting my own stuff. OS really encourages writers, and there are some really great ones. Even David Brin posts on there occasionally. Before long I got the bright idea to start writing the Great American Space Opera ...

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    Odds and Ends