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  1. A Game of Thrones

    The Monday edition of the twice-weekly re-read is up. We're plowing through A Game of Thrones, and while I try to list as many crack!ship theories as possible, I hope people will let me know about the ones I'm missing.

    Part 13 features chapters 31-32; earlier posts for the re-read begin with the intro... here.

    Happy reading!
  2. #ASOIAF Re-Read: A Game of Thrones

    Hi there.

    I'm conducting a re-read of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones and it's a lot of fun. I think I'll add posts here in the future, and I hope people are interested in reading them. You can find the latest post at my blog, Fiefdom.

    There are other things to read there as well, and hopefully in the near future I can have giveaways and guest posts, but for now I'm aiming for insightful interaction and conversation with other Fantasy/SF readers and writers. ...