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  1. Summer 2012 GIveaway @ EKKO Mysteries

    For SFF World readers...

    Through July 4, go to the EKKO Mysteries website store and select the eBook of your choice. Enter the code summer2012 and the ebook will be sent to you free of charge.

    If you'd like a paperback, those have been reduced to $6.99, also through July 4.

    Enjoy your summer and Happy Reading from EKKO Mysteries!!!
  2. SUMMER 2012 @ Ekko Mysteries

    Book Deals, Freebies, Contests, and the new EKKO Portal

    Many of you have said EKKO would make a great movie. Well... Guess what? Thereís been some interest expressed! Thanks to you readers, EKKO is getting a slight bit of attention. So now....weíre trying to build a summer buzz and we could really use your help. Iím humbly asking that you...busy you, take a minute to help us out. Hereís what we have planned in exchange for your valuable time.
    All offers are available through ...
  3. SFF Member exclusive!

    Meet the cast of EKKO at the Ekko Mysteries website!

    The hauntingly beautiful, Clarise.
    Arrogant and brash, E.
    The sneaky, undermining tactics of Brandon.
    Rough and durable, Dean.
    Nobody haunts a venue like Zwie.
    Where has Milo been for a thousand years?
    Just how does Sara keep it all together?

    Get a free copy of 'EKKO White Limousine' through Labor day.

    Get to the EKKO Mysteries website and enter SFF in the coupon ...

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  4. From EKKO Book II, CJ comes across The Mudgett

    After walking through the Mudgett for half-an-hour, CJ could see that the rocks along the ground were coming to an end, just ten feet in front of him. He crept closer with an uneasy feeling, shining both flashlights on the floor and ceiling and walls of the tunnel. Thatís when he noticed the tunnel had suddenly doubled in width. As he aimed the lights into the black space, he saw a monstrous, iron wall at the end of the tunnel. It sat mysteriously fortified, as though the heavy-duty barrier had ...

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