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  1. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Hi Jeff,
    Congrats on the book. I'm new here. I joined as part of my research as well as a bit of shameless self promotion as my first book is scheduled to be out March 2011 - agreements signed this week.

    With your local signings, do you just make contact with the manager of your local book store? Or do you have an agent sorting stuff out for you? I'm part way through my website, and am looking for comments and other authors to link with. Today I joined twitter for the sole purpose of marketing as I don't really understand the need to tell people what I'm having for breakfast but hey - it's a new world.

    Let me know how your book goes. Is it available to order in Aus?

  2. JWHorton's Avatar
    Hi Expatrie!

    Yes to all of your questions. I have been doing a number of local signings, I am blogging on my website, I am attending writers conventions, and THE GREAT COLLAPSE is the first in the SURVIVORS OF THE PULSE series.

    I am also on Facebook, Twitter, and I am seeking out interview opportunities as much as possible. I am doing blog radio interviews, TV interviews, and traditional radio interviews.

    Does this help? What kind of books are you writing?

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  4. expatrie's Avatar
    JW - congrats on getting into print. As a fellow writer, what are you doing to get publicity and promote the book? Local signings? Conventions planned? Do you have a blog somewhere or a web site for the book? One last thing--is it a stand alone or part of a series?
  5. 's Avatar
    Your books look really interesting, Jeff. I saved your page in my favorites. Especially the last one revolving around the end times prophets. Those are my favorite kind of stories
  6. JWHorton's Avatar
    Thank you creatorofPreten! I'm nearly finished with my last major re-write of a second book that I also hope to get published, called The Dark Age-Survivors of the Pulse, the sequel to my first one.
  7. 's Avatar
    Congrats JWHorton on getting a book published. That is so exciting!
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