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  1. kcmay's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm happy being indie for books, but when I close my eyes, I dream of selling movie rights!

    ML, good luck with the wedding! May you have a lifetime of bliss with your One True Love!
  2. N. E. White's Avatar
    Congrats on getting an agent! As Terry said somewhere in the forums, "It's nice when folks think they can make a buck off of you." Or something like that.

    Well deserved and good luck with the book.
  3. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Well done. I think. Let us know how the whole agent thing goes . I'm looking forward to reading The Wayfarer King... just trying to get through the final proof of my book 2... then there's a small matter of my wedding in 2 weeks... but I'm getting there
  4. kcmay's Avatar
    Thank you! There'll be a third book in the same world with the same characters, but I may not call it part of the Saga. In The Wayfarer King, I left a door open just a crack, in case readers wanted another story. I would like to tell the story of how Gavin's problem started in the first place.
  5. ccutler69's Avatar
    Is the Kinshield Legacy a planned trilogy?

    And congratulations on finishing your latest book, after reading KS and VV I am definitely a fan.
  6. kcmay's Avatar
    I'm actually introducing a new character as the love interest. (The woman Gavin's sister-in-law has been trying to set him up with.) That gives me an opportunity to get Daia to either admit she has feelings for Gavin or be happy she made the choice she did.

    I enjoy making characters face their inner truths, but I don't like them to dwell. They need to face the music and start marching. heh.
  7. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Poor Gavin. I liked his body guard (for lack of a better word coming to mind this early in the morning) Daina was it? She was my favorite... Aulso liked Brauna the Blade, she would be young and probably more ready for the child baring duties of being a queen while Daina looks like one day she'd be more of a Kings indesgression should the plot ever develop that way...
  8. N. E. White's Avatar
    Just do it. Get it out of your system. You can always cut it later.
  9. SkyFitsJeff's Avatar
    I personally love books in a series. Once I fall in love with characters, I want to see more and more of their adventures.

    Having said that, I've also been really turned off to characters and even stories I use to love because of really bad sequels that exist merely to make money.

    If you really have nothing left to say or stories left to tell with these characters, there is nothing wrong with moving on to a new book. Wait until you have a great story to tell; don't let eager fans push you into a subpar effort. If you have other ideas and other stories to tell that involve new characters and new worlds, I'm sure they'll follow you and be glad for the trip.
  10. kcmay's Avatar
    Oh, yes! You're right -- I hadn't considered the spoiler issue. I might be able to find a scene or two that I'd cut from the novel that I could publish on my web site in a Deleted Scenes area. The two main characters have plenty of history together -- they've known each other since childhood (and they're now in their early 30s). There are plenty of story opportunities there!
  11. expatrie's Avatar
    The disadvantage of an 'after the book' short story is spoilers for those who haven't read it. Perhaps there was a prologue that didn't make the cut, or a dramatic event half-way through that also got cut.

    My model here is Jim Butcher - he typically puts out a 'between the novels' short story, just bear in mind he's writing series fiction. The stories stand alone (mostly) and take place outside the time of the novels (he tends to tag them with when they took place but usually you can tell anyway...) He can also counterpoint the tone of the novels--add a lighter element, for example.

    But I wouldn't agree that writing a short story to add to a novel would make it series fiction. To really be a series you need at least three books (my personal definition-no debating please). And series fiction is probably the best way to build a readership, pragmatically speaking. (pointing at the bookshelves here--Harry Potter, Harry Dresden, Kushiel's needlepoint throw pillow, Four Thousand and three ways of deciding between Ranger and the other dude.... Z is for Zugzwang and AA is for Alcoholics Anonymous... OMG! Waddaya mean I'm the son of Poseidon?)

  12. kcmay's Avatar
    Great idea about the short stories! Thank you! I'll definitely think more on that. Maybe they can be my summer writing project. I fear that writing past the end of the story might wear out the story's welcome, but some short stories about significant events in the main characters' lives (before and after the novel events) might be nice.

    Thanks tmso for putting it on your list!

    Thanks for buying, Mangy! I hope you like it.
  13. MangyWerewolf's Avatar
    great review. I just bought a copy for my Kindle. Looking forward to reading it.
  14. marysipe's Avatar
    You know, I don't think it's such a bad thing to leave people wanting more. I haven't gotten anything so long as a novel published, but I don't want to be a series writer. Part of the fun for me is creating and exploring a new world. I have a billion of them in my head and I want to visit as many as I can!

    I think the short story's a good idea, too! Good luck!
  15. N. E. White's Avatar
    How about taking a minor character in that world and building a story about them?

    Read the review - congratulations! I've just added Venom to my list of books to read.
  16. expatrie's Avatar
    As a reader, I have to empathize. I read Zero History and really wish Gibson would plow ahead as if the Internet and all that crap never happened and keep writing things like "Hinterlands", "The Winter Market", "Fragments of a Hologram Rose", and "New Rose Hotel." Even a spin-off or franchise of "The Gernsback Continuum" would be interesting to read.

    As to your dilemma: What about doing a short story set before or after the book to both build interest (promote) and satisfy your readers (reward loyalty)? Kind of like a deleted scene or supplemental material for the DVD.
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  17. kcmay's Avatar
    Thanks! Yeah, I enjoy his format. He doesn't give anything away while still drawing attention to what he likes most.
  18. SkyFitsJeff's Avatar
    Congrats! Antony does a pretty good job reviewing.
  19. kcmay's Avatar
    Thanks! It's picking up steam.
  20. N. E. White's Avatar
    Congrats! Looks like with all those great reviews, VofV should be hitting big time soon.
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