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Dari, the sword of freedom

It will be blog with my fantasy book about friendship and the fight for freedom.Young woman Dari and her teacher and friend Master Rina will go through many adventures.

  1. Chapter 5, part 5

    by , October 13th, 2010 at 11:41 PM (Dari, the sword of freedom)
    After a while three dark silhouettes came from the forest and each tried to kill one of the human but didnít pay attention to pets.
    When the first one reaches Rina she touched him and he fell down with the groans. Dari pushed the one who approached her under the knees and he felt too and Hairy with Boomush attacked the one who was trying to get Balder, but in this case he didnít want to kill Balder, he just wanted to drag him into the forest. This attempt fail either because Hairy and Boomush ...

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