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  1. Updates and stuff

    Been a very long time since I blogged but I thought i would share a little of what i've been working on.

    NOT Titled Sci-Fi Space Adventure:

    Julie tapped her fingers on the steel desk. She stared into the boyish young recruit hazel eyes. “Polite people would tell you to be sensible, choose a career that is easy to settle in for the long run. I’m not most people. How adventurous do you think you truly are?”

    The recruit smiled at her and was eager to ...
  2. Excerpt 3: The Seekers' Prophecies: The Rebirth


    ....midway through chapter

    Suddenly a loud booming voice echoed off the walls making Adam jump, “Sir, were you talking to me? I have found more data on the era of time you requested earlier. Do you wish to view it? In light of the cylinder being found at the dig this morning, I felt it might give you insight to the person that might be inside.”

    “Oliver, next time you do that I will disconnect you. Turn down your vocals please. ...
  3. Some more good news for my book

    Received some more praise from a reader how she couldn't put my book down. It was so nice to hear that it is having even limited success. When she is done she will send me a review. I only wished my publisher would make it available to stores and such. But alas I made the mistake and now I just have to plug away at my other WIPs and hope that those that have read my current book will also be reading my other works.

    Just wanted to share my news.
  4. Just some news I wanted to share

    Yesterday, I received wonderful praise about my writing from a person that reads many many books (mostly Science Fiction).

    She read my first book (even though the price wasn't where I want it to be she still bought and read it)

    It took her two days and she messied me just to tell me how much she enjoyed it. She told me that she knew I was one of those writers that she will read anything I write because I caught her with first paragraph and never let her go.
  5. Excerpt 2: The Seekers' Prophecies: The Rebirth


    In the blackness there was comfort.
    No worries no pain.
    In the blackness there was peace.
    No violence no anger.
    In the blackness there is only silence
    Dead silence.

    A small white light flickered in the black empty void. It became larger and brighter until all there was white. Two silhouetted figures stood frozen in the backdrop of the whiteness beckoning for her to come. The silence was interrupted ...
  6. Excerpt 1: from The Seekers' Prophecies: The Rebirth


    Buzzing of static pierced the silence of the room. A tall man with golden hair and steel blue eyes leaned over another man’s shoulder. “Did we lose her?”

    The other man stuttered, “Y-Yes-Yes, my lord. She has terminated herself.”

    The tall man studied the monitor for a glimpse of life, hoping the technician was mistaken. But the monitor was as dead as the girl; “Did she accomplish her mission? Are they down and dead to ...

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  7. Ok I'm a newbie so be gentle please.

    Blogging is new for me. Even though I have been in the computer industry almost from the dawn of pc's. When they did call the personnel computers and a laptop was a tv tray.

    I have been writing for so long I can't remember when I started. My first baby, The Seekers' Prophecies: The Rebirth was devoured by Publish America. I went into it as blindly as I am going into blogging. Now after many painful hours (months) of research I do realize it was a mistake. Lucky for me the ...