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  1. Merlin's Gate and Heart of the Tengeri!

    Merlin's Gate is a dark world where owning books, weapons or products of modern technology will get you a one-way ticket to The Pit--and all tickets to The Pit are one way.

    This is a long short story (or a very tiny novel) for your snacking pleasure.

    Chapter 6 of Heart of the Tengeri is up on my blog. A snippet: "The gods didn't release Amanizar for a long time. She could tell it was a long time because ...
  2. Chapter 5 of Heart of the Tengeri!

    Chapter 5 of Heart of the Tengeri is up on my blog. If a wizard hands you a potion and tells you to drink should think it over carefully.
  3. The Worst Dragon Hunter - EVER!

    I entered "The Worst Dragon Hunter" in the Red Room flash fiction contest.

    My husband is the most incompetent dragon hunter that ever lived.

    When Gerald went after Dragon Falco I knew he would screw it up somehow. Falco was famous in dragon-hunting circles. A half dozen hunters had gone after him and none had come back....

    Read the rest here:
  4. Heart of the Tengeri: New Chapter Every Week

    Over the next year I will post a new chapter of The Heart of the Tengeri every Friday, so check this week's episode!

    Here is a taste:

    Queen Amanizar inherits a crumbling empire ringed with encroaching enemies led by her deposed older brother. The only way she can save her people is to find the long-lost Heart of the Tengeri, a fabled talisman which embodies the strength and power of the empire. With no magical gifts of ...