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    Thanks. Sometimes thinking of an Elfling (half human half elf in my novels), on a ship, is a little strange, but that's where Elonan starts off - a sailor, completely unaware of his parentage and what's about to happen.
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    Lovely! I like it.
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    Anything but... my husband cooks better than I do. It was our big holiday together (he proposed in Italy) so it was a couple of years ago now.
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    What were you doing in Italy? Are you a master chef, too?
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    Ha... Guinness... that shirt is so old! More than 10 years now... didn't even get it on that trip (photo was actually taken in Italy and I was actually presenting my canolini which is like an inside out pizza... it was massive!)
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    Woohoo! Looks like you are doing the right thing - having some Guinness!
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    I'd be happy enough if someone was interested enough to ask what it was and they googled me, found my website and bought my book... and even that's probably wishful thinking
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    Claim royalties
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    Sorry. Didn't mean to come across harsh. I do like your other book covers and this plays on the same themes, I just don't like the white background. I honestly didn't see it. My eyes just rolled right over it. Would hate for folks to do that why scrolling on a bookseller's site.

    Good luck with it!
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    Thanks tsmo. Its a work in progress that I have fun in doing, will see how we go
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    Check out this guy's website:

    He offers some great advice and one that your current cover shows is that white covers look great on real books, but fail in the internet because they just fade to nothing.

    Also, the font you used makes it hard to read at that size. I'd just pick something with a thicker stroke or at least something that isn't double stroked.
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    Oh! I just noticed the little picture of the actually book cover!

    I don't like it.

    The white disappears into the screen. Let me go look for a link...hold on...
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    Hmmm, I like the colors a lot. But the proportions seem odd. Odd for a book thumbnail and odd for the images you are trying to convey. Not sure what to suggest to help, though...
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    'Oh no, not there again, please!' The flickering candlelight betrayed the terror in Rhody's eyes.

    'Come on, don't be such a sissy!' Cybill yanked him towards the basement, her hand strong and calloused from the hours she spent chopping firewood each week. Ever since her father's death from cancer and her brother's conscription into the army, she had more or less become the man of the house to her two sisters and increasingly-feeble mother. 'It'll be fun!'

    'Fun for you maybe. Why don't I get to wear the suit?'

    'You can wear it next time.'

    'That's what you always say...'

    'This time I promise!'
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    "What the hell are you doing here, Rhody?" Cybill whispered.

    She stood inches from Rhody's shoulder. He could barely make out the whites of her eyes in the dark hall.

    "Looking for you," he whispered back. "Where were you?"

    Cybill's hair brushed his chin as she glanced behind her. "No where you need to know about. Come with me," she said, yanking Rhody back the way he had come.
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    Excellent! Glad to hear it is being well received.
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    Good Luck with your work, MLSawyer


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    We can only hope... I guess I've been really lucky so far as the worst someone has said is that they found it boring and would have enjoyed it more perhaps if they were more into YA books...

    I can cope with that ... it's the nice ones that keep you going and make you think... this writing isn't soo bad afterall.
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