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  1. They're here!

    It's been ages since I've been to sffworld! But, I haven't been idle. Have gone back through my last two novels to give them a touch up to refresh the ebook editions and have been through the whole process of sending Elflings to my publisher, getting it back, checking, editing, double checking... and now... they're here!


    Elflings arrived the day before the release date (which is today). To celebrate, Quest of the Demon (where it all began) ...

    Updated December 1st, 2012 at 02:37 AM by MLSawyer

  2. Classy book teaser for Elflings

    As some of you may know, I like to potter around with my own book teasers. Unlike the first two, this one's quite short.

    Let me know what you think;
  3. Elflings - off to the publisher

    I've been hiding from the world a bit recently, slugging through my ms to make sure it's as good as it can be before sending it off to the publisher 93k worth of reading, re-reading and adjusting and now... I'm finally DONE!

    Ta-Daaa.... well, it's my cover, it's not the one the print version will have but I'll post that later.
  4. First industry review...

    Hooray, a reviewer has made it all the way through my book and they have nice things to say! (Always had that little fear in the back of my head... a bad case of the 'what ifs')

    "Quest of the Demon is a rewarding high fantasy novel with an uncluttered and unoffending style that should be perfect for the younger reader."

    Not 5 Stars (3) but I'm still really happy Thanks to Ant. from SF Book for his ...
  5. Reviews

    Well... I would love some reviews of my novel. If I can't get feedback from strangers, how can I improve?

    This got me thinking (as I emailed a smashwords coupon to every fantasy reviewer I could find), why don't I review? It's only fair that I help out others the way random bloggers are going to help me by going through my work...

    Anyway, added a blog to my website with my first review. Will see how it goes

    (also ...
  6. Book Launch a Success!

    Well, book launch happened today. Exciting times. Over 2.5 hours I sold 27 books (to non-family members!) How awesome is that!