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  1. Mag Submissions

    So, I have been ever so productive.
    As long as I can keep this up it will, I hope, only be a matter of time before I get accepted somewhere.
    I have submitted two more stories, one to Lightspeed mag and one to Strange Horizons. I hope they can reply quickly with their rejections so that I can send both those stories elsewhere. I do not believe that they will accept either of my stories - I wish to grow my collection of rejections. Once it becomes ordinary I will no longer feel that ...
  2. Cool, Didn't know my account even came with a blog.

    Well this is cool.
    Hello all and Welcom to my SSFworld blog. I was unaware that I had a blog here but now that I know I will try to keep it up to date with what I am doing with my writing.
    I am in the process of submitting at least one short storie a week to a speculative fiction magazine. This week I have sent out stories to two mags. The first being Clarksworld which I was swiftly rejected by, and the second being Catesbury which is more like a written version of The Twilight Zone. ...