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  1. Heading out of town

    I enjoyed writing something for the OCT flash fiction comp. And inordinately, exceedingly happy and surprised to get a vote for it too!
    I didn't vote tho. Time poor - and what a lot of reading to do. I'll probs have more time in December so will try to vote then.
    I'm heading out of town on a secondment to the back of beyond for 5 weeks shortly, so will not be able to take part in the Nov comp.
  2. first flash fiction attempt

    There, a story about dolls. Who would have thunk it? Well, it was a challenge, and that's the main thing.

    Also the first story I've written longhand for a very, very long time indeed. I was on a flight and all electronic devices needed to be switched off when I started. What a lot of scribbling out there was - as opposed to the incessant backspacing when typing.

    Now to read some of the other entries.
  3. here again

    It is an extraordinarily long time since I was at this forum. I see from my first post that I was just setting out to write a sequel. That sequel is finished - well, at least its in second draft, if not quite finished.

    One of the other reasons I came here originally was to check out any writing comps. I think I saw the SS comp and figured I didn't have the time to spend on a min 2.5K word story if I was to get on with the sequel - but now I see there is a flash fiction comp. Looks ...