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  1. 'The Mark of the Gate' preface

    There is a window that sits between the world we all accept and that niggling something else we feel but cant explain; the feeling that someone or something is waiting for you in the darkness.
    A movement in the corner of your eye or an anxious glance into an imaginary world you believe to be beneath your bed.
    The tingle which bites into your nerves as you open the closet door giving an overwhelming and consuming fear that you are not alone!
    In time you may find the strength ...
  2. Close Encounters of the Alien Kind

    Have you ever met an alien?

    What! you say whilst trying to disassociate yourself from me in case Im dangerous.

    Youll be fine, so calm down; anyway Im not even in the same room as you so there is no need to panic. If I was youd still be perfectly safe as my mouse and keyboard have no sharp edges. I am also not working for your estranged wife, who is planning to have you committed so she can sell both your car and your house to run off with her personal trainer ...